Apple Shares Four New 'One Night on iPhone 7' Ads Shot in New York, Johannesburg, Shanghai and Tokyo

As part of its ongoing "Shot on iPhone" advertising campaign highlighting the iPhone's camera, Apple today uploaded four videos that belong to its new "One Night" series.

Each of the 15 second ads features a compilation of photos and videos captured on a single night in New York, Johannesburg, Shanghai, and Tokyo and set to music.

Designed to showcase the low-light capabilities of the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus, all of the photos and videos in the One Night campaign were taken on November 5, 2016 in different places around the world.

Last week, Apple uploaded a one minute compilation video featuring much of the same footage, but today's videos show more of the individual photos and videos taken in each different location.

Though only four locations are shown in the videos uploaded today, the One Night ad campaign features images and videos taken by 16 photographers across 15 cities on six continents. Apple is also using the photographs as part of a "One Night" print and billboard campaign that's being showcased in 25 countries around the world.

Update: Apple has also uploaded two new videos that are part of a separate ad campaign showcasing Portrait Mode in the iPhone 7 Plus. Each video offers a short tutorial on the benefits of Portrait Mode, showing how it's able to blur the background to put the focus on the person in the photograph.

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38 months ago
I bet they won't have the guts to do a "One Night In Paris" LMAO
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38 months ago
I'm tired of seeing videos of people having more fun than me.
Rating: 10 Votes
38 months ago
Nice ads, but reality is that iPhone camera isn't the best smartphone camera on the market. Not by a long shot. This is what brainwashing looks like.
Rating: 8 Votes
38 months ago
I don't like Apple ads.
Rating: 7 Votes
38 months ago

"iphone 7 is the best guys! Android is bad"
"that's what luxury gets you "
"the best"
"blah blah blah i love my iphone 7"

Nah none of those. Try this one on for size.

Apple how about a follow-up ad to this series called "edited on Mac Pro using this suite oof apps. This is what apple uses in house to bring you such great ads"!
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38 months ago

There is this thing called focal length.... Phones will never approach DLSR for that simple reason.

Cameras on phones are nice , yet not the "end all be all" as they are the modern polaroids. People still today will break out the DLSR if they want to create memories not a phone camera. People put too much faith in phones being able to replace all...despite apl ads trying to make you feel better about spending $749

Yes, there is a "thing" called focal length. And for many, the roughly 30mm focal length (wrt to full-frame) is ideal for what people with phones want to make photos of. That is, their travels, friends, relatives, etc.

"Phones will never approach DLSR for that simple reason."
And nobody claims they will.

Ultimately, the strength of a photo and its ability to create an emotional connection to a viewer has very little to do with the camera used. Rather, it's about the photographer and his/her life experiences, eye, imagination, ability to compose, understanding light, understanding context and choosing what's is/isn't in the frame, and much much more.

Many photographers choose to use a phone cam as their "always with them camera." I do and have been shooting with one for years.

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38 months ago
Any point & shoot pocket camera (Sony, Canon, etc) is a better camera than an iPhone will ever be. iPhone has a good camera for a smartphone, but it certainly isn't a good camera if you're looking for a camera.
Rating: 4 Votes
38 months ago
In a world with fake news what type of news is this, diarrheas maybe?

Seriously are you guys never getting bored of this.. ?

News like:
- X new Apple [product] video's (ads) or pictures taken with an iPhone
- X Beta version release to developers (every OS it's own article)
- X Beta version release to public testers (every OS it's own article)

Especially this beta ****. Post them into the forums or something so it doesn't get in your face all the time. This crap fills up the entire front page with totally B.S and nothing to report at all.
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38 months ago
Well they missed an unbelievable opportunity to do a One Night in Bangkok ad with that music.
Rating: 3 Votes
38 months ago
When do they get courageous and just come out and say they are not making computers anymore? That would be refreshing. **** the iPhone.
Rating: 3 Votes

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