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Here's a Look Inside Apple's New $200 Photo Book

Apple this week unveiled its latest product, a hardbound photo book that showcases 20 years of Apple products, highlighting every Mac, iPhone, iPod, and iPad released between 1998 and 2015.

Because it's positioned as an art piece, Apple's "Designed by Apple in California" book costs a jaw dropping $200 to $300 depending on size, so we thought we'd take a look inside to see just what you're getting for that price tag.

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Aside from a dedication page dedicating the book to former Apple CEO Steve Jobs, a foreword by Apple design chief Jony Ive, and an insert with product descriptions, the book is text-free, filled with large, high-quality images of Apple products. There are 450 images in total, with multiple photographs of each item to highlight its design process. It starts with the 1998 iMac, one of the first products Ive designed at Apple, and ends with the 2015 Apple Pencil.

According to Apple, it took eight years to design the linen-bound hardcover book, which features specially milled, custom-dyed paper with "gilded matte silver edges," and low-ghost ink. As can be seen in the video, the book is of the highest quality with gorgeous photographs, but its price limits its appeal to the general public.

"Designed by Apple in California" can only be purchased from the online Apple Store and at select Apple retail locations around the world. It's priced at $199 for a 10.2x12.8 inch version, and $299 for a 13x16.3 inch version.

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36 months ago
Some people complain that Apple did this.

Well... which other tech company could actually do this?

At least you laugh about the price tag, and not because it's empty

Apple made a book because they can.

They actually have something of value to put in it.
Rating: 37 Votes
36 months ago
Designed in California, printed in a Chinese child labour sweat shop...

Defended by Apple apologists worldwide.
Rating: 35 Votes
36 months ago
cue Samsung's exploding book in 3...2...1...
Rating: 30 Votes
36 months ago
8 years to "design" a book...

Rating: 29 Votes
36 months ago
They developed their own inks and commissioned custom paper designs for the book to more carefully represent the real-world colours of the products and in particular show 'whites' (white product on white page) more accurately. This book isn't for everyone, but I guarantee those here who are not buying it are the ones complaining. Such is adolescence.
Rating: 24 Votes
36 months ago
I've seen a lot of flack for the price of this book, but really it's on par with low-print-run, high quality art books designed for institutional use. Since this is chiefly a design/art book, I think the price is fine. It's not meant to be a mass-market book. There are other similar books out there if you're interested in that.
Rating: 22 Votes
36 months ago

Rating: 22 Votes
36 months ago
this is a normal price for similiar books. good architecture and fashion books generally exceed this cost.

here's an example:
Rating: 21 Votes
36 months ago
"Printed and bound by Artron Art Group, China" Of course it was.
Rating: 14 Votes
36 months ago
Seriously? Here I thought the new notebooks were high margin.
Rating: 14 Votes

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