Live Coverage of Apple's 'Hello Again' Mac Event

Apple's "Hello Again" event kicks off at 10:00 AM Pacific Time today, with Apple expected to make several Mac-related announcements headlined by a revamped MacBook Pro with an OLED "Magic Toolbar" or "Touch Bar" and Touch ID support.

We're also expecting to see new MacBook Air models with USB-C ports, and perhaps some other new Macs as well. On a separate note, Apple is also said to be introducing a new "guide" app for Apple TV and iOS devices to help recommend TV shows to users across content providers.

Apple is providing a live video stream on its website and via Apple TV.


In addition to Apple's video stream, we will be updating this article with live blog coverage and issuing Twitter updates through our @MacRumorsLive account as the event unfolds. Highlights from the event and separate news stories regarding today's announcements will go out through our @MacRumors account.

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Apple's online stores around the world are currently down in advance of the event.

"Hello Again" event highlights are available in reverse chronological order after the jump.

11:24 am: Apple CEO Tim Cook thanks everyone for coming and invites the media to a demo area. The keynote has concluded. Stay tuned to MacRumors for further news and updates.

11:23 am: To clarify: it looks like the 13-inch MacBook Air is no longer. It is now a 13-inch MacBook Pro with traditional function keys. The fate of the 11-inch MacBook Air remains to be seen once Apple's website returns online.

11:21 am: Pricing: $1499 and up for 13-inch MacBook Pro with function keys. $1799 and up for 13-inch MacBook Pro with Touch Bar. $2399 and up for 15-inch MacBook Pro with Touch Bar.

11:20 am: Available for order today. The new 13-inch MacBook Pro with function keys ships today. The new 13-inch and 15-inch MacBook Pros with Touch Bars ship in 2-3 weeks.

11:19 am: 8GB of RAM on both 13-inch MacBook Pro with and without Touch Bar. 16GB RAM on 15-inch MacBook Pro with Touch Bar. 256GB SSD across all three models. Four Thunderbolt 3 ports across all three models.

11:19 am: The new lineup is a 13-inch MacBook Pro without a Touch Bar, and 13-inch and 15-inch MacBook Pro models with Touch Bars.

11:18 am: 13.3-inch Retina display. 6th-gen Intel dual-core processor. Intel Iris Graphics 540 w/ eDRAM.

11:18 am: It's actually a new 13-inch MacBook Pro without a Touch Bar.

11:16 am: The 13-inch MacBook Air has been refreshed too.

11:15 am: Phil Schiller humorously notes that the new MacBook Pro is 6.8 million times faster than the first PowerBook.

11:14 am: New MacBook Pros have up to 10 hours of battery life.

11:14 am: Thermal management — thinner, variably spaced fan blades channel air quietly through a nearly solid structure.

11:13 am: You can answer or decline phone calls on Touch Bar.

11:12 am: The new keyboard design is more accurate and efficient. Dome switches below each key have been optimized for a more responsive feel.

11:12 am: "It has the best Retina display we've ever put in a notebook." Brighter. Wider color gamut.

11:11 am: Jony Ive video of new MacBook Pro is playing.

11:11 am: Other apps that will gain Touch Bar support: Sketch, DaVinci Resolve, and many others.

11:10 am: Touch Bar support is also coming to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Skype for Business.

11:10 am: Touch Bar supports up to 10 inputs from your fingers.

11:09 am: An update to djay Pro is coming later this year.

11:07 am: Touch Bar "enables the next-generation of DJ software." You can access the core functionality of djay Pro in the Touch Bar, such as samplers and filters. You can zoom into the waveform, scratch, and find the queue points to start songs.

11:06 am: A third demo is up next — djay Pro from Algoriddim.

11:05 am: Photoshop hopes to have the new version with Touch Bar support in the hands of customers by the end of the year.

11:03 am: Touch Bar has contextual Photoshop commands allowing you to Select and Mask, readjust the brush size, add and open PSD files, and more.

11:00 am: Next up is an Adobe Photoshop demo on the new MacBook Pro.

11:00 am: Phil Schiller is back on stage.

11:00 am: While Apple gives this demo, here's another notable MacBook Pro tidbit: there is still a headphone jack!

10:57 am: Apple is providing a Final Cut Pro demo on the new MacBook Pro. The new Touch Bar lets pro users edit video easily -- it shows the entire timeline of a project. It is fully interactive -- you can drag to move through a project, tap to jump to a specific section, and zoom in to get a closer look.

10:55 am: You can plug in an additional display too!

10:55 am: Apple shows off an LG UltraFine 5K Display that it worked on with LG to ensure it works great with Mac. It connects over a single Thunderbolt 3 cable. It also charges the MacBook Pro over the same cable. It is the "ultimate docking station."

10:54 am: USB-C serves as the charging port -- plus Thunderbolt, USB, DisplayPort, HDMI, and VGA video out.

10:54 am: Both 13-inch and 15-inch models have four Thunderbolt 3 ports -- that's USB-C. 40Gb/s bandwidth. 10GB/s USB 3.1 Gen 2. DisplayPort 1.2.


10:53 am: New 13-inch MacBook Pro is up to 103% faster at gaming compared to previous generation. Up to 76% faster at 3D graphics and video editing.

10:53 am: 13-inch MacBook Pro can be configured with dual-core Intel Core i5 or i7 processors and up to 2133 MHz memory. Intel Iris graphics with 64MB eDRAM -- up to 2x faster. New SSD with up to 3.1GB/s speeds -- up to 2x faster.

10:52 am: 15-inch MacBook Pro performance: 3D graphics are up to 130% faster, gaming is up to 60% faster, and video editing is up to 57% faster.

10:52 am: The new MacBook Pro has an all-new speaker design with 2x the dynamic range for audio.

10:52 am: There is a new SSD with up to 3.1GB/s speeds and up to 2TB of storage.

10:51 am: Inside the new MacBook Pro: every 15-inch model includes an Intel Core i7 sixth-generation quad-core processor with 2133MHz memory. Radeon Pro graphics. 14nm GPU. Up to 4GB VRAM. Up to 2.3 faster than previous generation.

10:50 am: The display consumes less power and is as thin as a 12-inch MacBook display.

10:50 am: Phil Schiller is now talking about the new MacBook Pro's display. 67% brighter, 67% higher contrast ratio, and 25% more colors.

10:50 am: Touch Bar support is built into the iWork apps: Pages, Keynote, and Numbers. Also: iMovie, GarageBand, Terminal, and many other apps.

10:49 am: With Touch ID, you can quickly switch between user accounts.

10:48 am: Touch Bar is completely customizable. You can drag buttons from the Mac's screen to the Touch Bar's Control Strip alongside the default system controls.

10:47 am: In Finder, Touch Bar has controls for Quick Look, Share, and Tags.

10:46 am: In Photos, Touch Bar shows a strip of all of your photos that you can easily swipe through. There are playback and scrubbing controls for videos. You can also rotate photos, adjust lighting, add filters, and more on Touch Bar.

10:45 am: In Safari, you can make online purchases using Apple Pay directly using Touch Bar with Touch ID.

10:43 am: Craig Federighi is showing a demo of Touch Bar's contextual controls in the Mail app. You can change the size and color of text, move emails to certain inboxes, add emojis, and more using Touch Bar.

10:41 am: Craig Federighi: "For the first time ever, Siri has a dedicated key."

10:40 am: Phil Schiller invites Apple's Craig Federighi on stage to show the new MacBook Pro and Touch Bar in action.

10:40 am: Touch Bar also has emojis.

10:40 am: Phil Schiller: "Now, you can log into Mac with your fingerprint. It is integrated where it belongs, right into the power button." It is covered with sapphire crystal and it has "second-generation" speeds like on iPhone 6s and later.

10:39 am: Next to Touch Bar is Touch ID. Apple is bringing Touch ID to the Mac for the very first time.

10:39 am: Touch Bar also has QuickType suggestions like on iOS.

10:39 am: Phil Schiller: "It goes beyond just being application specific. For example, in Photos, I have a new interface right there on Touch Bar for straightening a photo."

10:39 am: Phil Schiller: "Touch Bar replaces the standard system functions we're used to it, such as setting the brightness or volume with a slide or tap. It goes way beyond that. The Touch Bar adapts to whatever software you're using. In this case, we're in Safari, and the Touch Bar is showing us buttons for our favorite websites -- such as a search field, back button, and Facebook share button.

10:38 am: Apple calls its "Touch Bar" as rumored.

10:38 am: It is multi-touch. It responds to gestures and taps.

10:37 am: It's a Retina display.

10:37 am: Above the keyboard, where function keys used to exist, is a much-rumored touchscreen strip.

10:36 am: Butterfly mechanism keyboard with improved second-generation design.

10:36 am: New MacBook Pro has an all-new Force Touch trackpad that is 2x larger.

10:35 am: That's for the 13-inch model. The 15-inch MacBook Pro is slightly larger and heavier at 4 pounds.

10:34 am: The new MacBook Pro is 14.9mm thin. 17% thinner than previous generation. It's smaller too -- 23% less volume, which is almost 25% smaller. Weighs 3 pounds, almost half a pound less than the previous version. All-metal design on all sides.

10:34 am: Phil Schiller: "It comes in 13-inch and 15-inch sizes in Silver and Space Gray colors. It is the thinnest and lightest MacBook Pro ever."

10:33 am: Phil Schiller: "It is the new gold standard in notebook computers. It enables innovations not possible before."

10:33 am: Apple marketing chief Phil Schiller is on stage to talk about the new MacBook Pro.

10:31 am: Tim Cook: "Let me show it to you." — video reveal now playing.

10:31 am: Tim Cook: "Now, the PowerBook actually defined the modern notebook for its time, changing the category and changing Apple forever. This was the first portable that featured the keyboard-forward design. It also had a palm-rest and an active matrix display. We didn't stop there. Each new notebook had some major innovations that pushed the industry forward. The first trackpad. The first with built-in Wi-Fi. The first with all-day battery life. The first with a Retina display in a notebook. For 25 years, we've been defining and redefining what a notebook is and what a notebook can do. And today, we're going to do it again."

10:29 am: Tim Cook: "You may not realize it, but this week happens to be a huge week in the history of the Mac and in the history of Apple. This week marks the 25th anniversary of our first notebook. It was on October 25, 1991 that Apple unveiled the first PowerBook."

10:29 am: Cook is recapping macOS Sierra features such as Siri and Apple Pay on the web.

10:28 am: Tim Cook: "The Mac is more than a product to us. It's a testament to what we do, and everything we create at Apple. The Mac is so incredibly important to us. It's also important to the world. It's had a profound impact on the arts, sciences, and so many other areas. The world's creative forces use the Mac to push the world forward. We continue to push the Mac experience forward with macOS."

10:27 am: Tim Cook: "The next thing we'd like to talk about is something dear to all of us at Apple, and that is the Mac."

10:26 am: The TV app will be available for free in December starting in the United States on Apple TV, iPhone, and iPad.

10:26 am: Tim Cook is back on stage.

10:25 am: Asking Siri "what other football games are on right now?" displays a list of other college and pro football games on TV right now.

10:25 am: Siri on Apple TV is getting some upgrades. You can now say voice commands such as "watch the Louisville game," and Siri will know which app has the football game, and start playing it.

10:23 am: The main "Watch Now" section shows curated TV shows and movies based on popularity and themed categories -- the app is all about discovering new content.

10:21 am: The "Library" section shows TV shows and movies split into "Favorites" and "Purchases."

10:21 am: The "TV" app has a "Store" section with iTunes movies, various video content apps available for download from the tvOS App Store, and more.

10:20 am: The app has an "Up Next" tab that shows upcoming episodes and a "What to Watch" section with TV show and movie recommendations. There are also categories based on genres like "sports" and themes like "politics."

10:18 am: Apple is showing a demo of the new "TV" app.

10:18 am: Tim Cook: "It will completely change how you watch TV with your Apple TV, as well as your iPhone and iPad."

10:17 am: Tim Cook: "We want Apple TV to be the one place to access all of your television. A unified TV experience. That's one place to access all of your TV shows and movies. One place to discover great new content to watch. So today, we're announcing a new app, and we simply call it TV."

10:17 am: Tim Cook: "This is a great example of the power of Apple TV and how apps are changing television. Each of these apps have an incredible amount of content. With Siri and universal search, we've made it easy to search across these apps. But we want to do more to make this experience even better."

10:16 am: Twitter is showing a demo of its Apple TV app which can show an NFL game alongside live tweets, news, and more.

10:14 am: Tim Cook: "We now have over 1,600 apps from video content providers for you to enjoy. This is absolutely incredible, and an amazing amount of content available to you. […] You can also watch movies, live sports, on-demand news, and so much more. In fact, there's a new category of apps emerging that combine the power of TV to make watching TV more interactive and social. We have an example this morning to show you. We would like to invite Ryan Troy, Product Manager at Twitter, to show you." He is joined by Twitter's Jose Hernandez.

10:13 am: Minecraft for Apple TV! "Now, you can build new worlds on your Apple TV, and play with your friends using iPhones and iPads."

10:13 am: Tim Cook: "When we launched the new Apple TV, we launched it with a clear vision. We believe the future of TV is apps. So how are we doing on this? Our developers now have access to the biggest screen in your home. In just a year, we now have 8,000 apps, and they're across every category, from fitness and lifestyle to food and games. New games keep coming, and there's a very popular one coming before the end of the year, and that's Minecraft."

10:12 am: Time for new product announcements, starting with Apple TV.

10:11 am: Cook reminds the crowd that Apple Pay and Apple Maps transit directions are now available in Japan.

10:10 am: Android's adoption rate is significantly slower, with fewer than 1% of users running the latest version of the platform.

10:08 am: iOS 10 adoption rate has reached 60%. iOS 9 has 32% share and earlier versions account for 8%.

10:07 am: Cook says 400 million Memories have been viewed and enjoyed by iPhone users since the feature launched in the Photos app. Cook says the iPhone 7 has the best camera and delivers the best photo experience.

10:07 am: Cook boasts about the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus' strong customer satisfaction. He shows some photos taken by customers with the new and improved cameras.

10:06 am: Cook starts with some product updates first.

10:05 am: Tim Cook: "We have some great new products to show you this morning."

10:05 am: Tim Cook: "I could not be prouder to share that video with you this morning. Our teams work so incredibly hard to make all of our products accessible to everyone. And today, we're launching a new accessibility website. It's all about the accessibility features that we've designed and built into our products. We believe that technology should be accessible to everyone, and we hope this website becomes a great resource that people can use all around the world. We believe if people have access to our products, they can push humanity forward and change the world in the process. It's amazing to see the things that people do with our products everyday." Big round of applause. "Thank you!"

10:03 am: Apple CEO Tim Cook walks on stage to a big round of applause. Here we go!

10:03 am: Apple begins its keynote with a video about accessibility and its products.

9:53 am: Apple's live video stream has begun, with music provided by Beats 1.

9:51 am: Photo by Matthew Panzarino

9:46 am: Attendees are now being let into the auditorium.

9:11 am: Members of the media are beginning to arrive at Apple's Infinite Loop campus in Cupertino for the event, checking in at registration and taking advantage of Apple's breakfast offerings.

Top Rated Comments

Benjamin Frost Avatar
80 months ago
I'm very sad to say this:

I think we have seen the death of Apple. Microsoft has usurped them as of yesterday. The keynote today filled me with dismay. I have been a shareholder since 2010 and made a lot of money. I am considering my options now.

There is a time for everything. A time to live, and a time to die. Rest in peace, Apple. I loved you.
Score: 30 Votes (Like | Disagree)
dixido Avatar
80 months ago
Phil: "changing volume and brightness has never been easier". How the hell can it get any easier than dedicated physical buttons????
Score: 28 Votes (Like | Disagree)
Since1987 Avatar
80 months ago
Let's be 100% clear about this. They got rid of MagSafe so they could make it thinner. Steve Jobs would have fired somebody for just even stating such a terrible idea out loud. If you are actually a PRO Apple User.... you are outraged right now.

Mac Mini DEAD
Displays DEAD

Apple WITH Steve Jobs.... insanely great!
Apple without Steve Jobs.... just insane.
Score: 27 Votes (Like | Disagree)
Anuba Avatar
80 months ago
For those who missed the keynote, here's a recap.

Cook: "Hi. Mandatory 10 minute rant about iPhone sales figures. We've got something amazingly incredible to show you and we think you're gonna love it in an amazingly incredible way. First up, Apple TV. Here to tell you more about it is Jen Folse."
Folse: "Hi so we took all your TV stuff on your Apple TV and put it in an app and called it TV so now you can watch all your TV in TV on your Apple TV on your TV and your iPad."
Cook: "Thanks. Now, the Mac. Here to tell you more about it are three warts with Phil Schiller attached."
Warts: "Touchbar touchbar touchbar touchbar touchbar. Here to tell you more about the touchbar is the only funny and non-annoying one of us, Craig Federighi."
Federighi: "Hi! Warm-up joke, touchbar, touchbar, joke, touchbar, touchbar, touchbar, touchbar. Can we get Warts on stage and borrow the finger of that guy who's attached to them?"
*Warts fingers stuff*
Federighi: "Nice fingering."
Cook: "Touchbar, touchbar, touchbar, amazingly great incredible thanks bye".
Score: 23 Votes (Like | Disagree)
pjarvi Avatar
80 months ago
Worst presentation in Apple history?
Score: 22 Votes (Like | Disagree)
TechGuy1530 Avatar
80 months ago
This keynote has just confirmed my interest in the Surface Studio as my next choice. So sad to see Apple fall so hard, but as the saying goes... The higher they climb, the harder they fall.

RIP Truly "Pro" devices.
Score: 21 Votes (Like | Disagree)

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