Apple Makes More iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus Stock Available to Upgrade Program Members

apple-iphone7Last week, a number of customers enrolled in the iPhone Upgrade Program were unable to pre-order the specific iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus model they wanted due to limited stock when orders began at 12:01 a.m. Pacific Time on Friday.

Apple had already warned that demand would outstrip supply as usual, but unlike regular customers, iPhone Upgrade Program members were not given the option to pre-order a new iPhone online for home delivery.

Instead, would-be upgraders were directed to a separate queue that only allowed reserving the iPhone from a local Apple retail store -- many of which were sold out. The experience led to frustrations and even a class action lawsuit, prompting Apple to collect information from customers affected in an attempt to make the situation right. Now, the company appears to have delivered on that promise.

Apple has sent an email to some iPhone Upgrade Program members to inform them that more reservation times for iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, sans Jet Black models, have been added for September 16. Accordingly, over the past 24 hours or so, several MacRumors readers enrolled in the program have been able to reserve the iPhone model they desired for pickup at a local Apple Store later this week.
If you tried to upgrade through the iPhone Upgrade Program, you may have had difficulty reserving a new iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus due to high demand. We’ve made two important changes to help you.

We’ve added more reservation times for this Friday, September 16.
Simply confirm your eligibility and then see if the model you want will be available at an Apple Store near you. Please note that there are no reservations available to pick up the jet black model on Friday.

Tell us which iPhone you want and we’ll let you know when it’s in.
If you’re still unable to reserve the model you want for pickup on Friday, let us know your preference by completing this short form. We’ll contact you within 48 to 72 hours to let you know when your iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus will be available for in-store pickup after Friday, September 16.
MacRumors reader Ryan Lister:
I was one of the people who ran into the shortage on launch day from the iPhone Upgrade Program, but stock must have been recently updated and I was just able to make a reservation on launch day for the black iPhone 7 Plus.
MacRumors reader Nathan Walczak:
I'm not sure why, but I was just able to reserve an upgrade for an iPhone 7 Plus. Pickup this Friday. Yesterday all stores in my area were out of the iPhone 7 Plus models. I currently am enrolled in the Upgrade Program from Apple. Seems Apple is trying to fix the glitch?
While availability is still limited, and varies between stores, it is clear that Apple is working to satisfy as many of its customers as possible. iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus officially launch on September 16, including the first pre-order deliveries and the start of in-store purchases split between those who reserved for pickup and walk-in customers on a first come, first served basis.

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45 months ago
Just got this email from Apple.

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45 months ago

What they most likely did was take the stock that is being sent to the stores. There are always phones available for people who que on launch day. This could actually cause that to be affected.

It is really good to see Apple fix this.

From what I've seen on the various wires, it seems Apple has allocated a estimated set of units to cover people who bought the phone and got on the upgrade program LAST year for each individual store. They assumed that these people would probably come in right away and get the upgrade since that was part of the point of the program. However, they didn't communicate to any people that this was happening, so everyone assumed you just reserve like normal in the app for your pre-order appointment setting. The problem was at this spot, because in the app, it didn't show the stock as available, and everyone was in the dark.
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45 months ago
If anyone wants me to check availability, let me know! Im in the IUP but have not reserved a phone yet.
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45 months ago

I thought demand was so high, that units are back ordered till November.

Amazing how apple found all that extra stock for launch day! Good guys!

Glad the people on the upgrade program will get theirs after all, in my point of view they should have priority. All good, ends will. Hope you all get the phones you want .

Apple didn't find extra stock. They just move stock around. Someone else is now getting shorted. They most likely have some many iPhones for different programs and areas allotted. They probably also have extra iPhones for any hickups in the system that needs to be addressed. Broken/damage iPhone replacements etc.
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45 months ago

If someone could please check any of the Philadelphia area stores, like Ardmore/Suburban Square and King of Prussia, that would be fantastic! Looking for a 7+ / 128 / Black / Verizon.

Thanks in advance!

King of Prussia has 128 black!

sweatshop - Any chance you can check for a 256gb matte black 7+ ATT in CALIFORNIA at:

- Emeryville
- Walnut Creek
- Pleasanton


Emeryville- no 256
Walnut Creek- no 256
Pleasanton- no 256
[doublepost=1473891379][/doublepost]Alright guys I'm back on! Didn't want to search while driving. If if missed yours please send it again!
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45 months ago
But what about the class action lawsuit?! Looks like they'll have to wait to find something wrong with the phone AFTER it's released, like everybody else. Poor guys.
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45 months ago
CONFIRMED: I cancelled my old reservation and the Plus models available showed up as in stock. I had to change the store and time for my reservation, but I was able to get the model I initially wanted for a Friday pick up.

Thanks to MacRumors forums, yet again!
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45 months ago
Remember, as an upgrade customer you don't have to stick with the model you reserve, the entire store stock is available to you when you get to the store for your appointment.
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45 months ago

128 black, no jet black

Im showing 32 only as well

Mission- 128 Rose
Costa- 128 Rose, Gold
Irvine- 128 Rose, Silver

Hey, just wanted to thank you for checking. i cancelled my other reservation and grabbed the Matte 128 7+ Verizon. Thanks for your accurate information and assistance.
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45 months ago
Two points from other threads:

1. Jet Black is NOT available. It appears all units are allocated/reserved. It was removed from the IUP upgrade page earlier this AM.

2. If you have a reservation already, you will NOT see the proper stock that is available. This has been confirmed over and over. I and others do not have a res and can see tons of stock that appeared late yesterday. Others with a backup res, etc., can't see these. You need to cancel your reservation to see the new stock and make a new 'correct' one for the item you want.

NOTE that these are for IUP UPGRADES only. New joiners are completely different. (Well, I doubt they will get a JB...)
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