Apple CEO Tim Cook to Speak With Jim Cramer on CNBC's 'Mad Money' Tonight

Apple CEO Tim Cook will appear on CNBC's Mad Money this evening, where he will speak with host Jim Cramer. On the show, Cook is expected to discuss Apple's future in China, his outlook on innovation, what's next for the iPhone, Apple Watch, and Apple services, and whether Apple is pursuing any potential acquisitions.

Cook last spoke with Cramer in March of 2015, where he discussed topics like ResearchKit, health, and the "next frontiers" of development.

Mad Money will air at 6 p.m. Eastern Time.

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49 months ago
I'm telling our investors not to worry.....we have some new :apple:Watch bands coming out.
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49 months ago
SJ put all of his passion and soul into building products that people loved. Tim Cook seems to be more concerned about stock price these days.

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49 months ago
I expect nothing but softballs from Cramer! A puff piece!
[doublepost=1462219117][/doublepost]Tim will say all is well. We have magical stuff in the pipeline. You'll be thrilled when u see it. Blah Blah Blah!

Just as I thought BLAH BLAH BLAH great stuff coming will make you crazy!!!
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49 months ago
I better get my popcorn and soda out for this thread... And for the show tonight.


Jim: "Tim, does your company seem to be going downhill?"

Tim: "Well you see, Jim, we strive to make the best products for our consumers--- even if that means incremental update after incremental update while our competitors are taking risks and making better products than us now. We love how the iPad comes in new colors, how our 'new' iPhones using hardware that's been in storage for four years are excelling in the market, and we love displaying incredibly powerful Macs that run on the weakest hardware possible to save money while selling it for $1,599.00 USD," while scratching his head. "We, at Apple, are doing very well."

Jim: "Why do you think your company is doing well?"

Tim: "Well, Jim, our products have been losing some major market share since I've become CEO, but I like to blame that on market saturation, rather than the fact that I'm not a visionary and I'm pretty much a worthless CEO that isn't capable of driving a tech company, and only good at pinching pennies while we nickel and dime our customers. The fact that we still make billions every quarter means we're doing just fine. Who cares about innovation when you can just ride off of someone else's inventions from six to ten years ago?"

Jim: "Then why has the stocked dropped so much over the last two weeks?"

Tim: "I think the investors are too quick to jump to conclusions about the future here at Apple. We have plenty of exciting products to come [hinting at more incremental color and screen size updates]."
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49 months ago
Time to resign Tim, remember SJ hired Sculley too...

Good luck with that one, Tim Cook doesn't need to resign. He's not Steve Jobs and he's not suppose to be, Steve Jobs is dead, it was always going to be a different kind of Apple under Tim Cook or anyone for that matter, no one was ever going to realistically replace Steve Jobs.

He's not, but the last thing Apple needs as a leader is a "Supply Chain" manager
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49 months ago
Sounds like damage control time even it does seem like a routine schedule for him.
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49 months ago

Tim Cook is desperate. Prepare for the usual talking points, "Apple is as innovative as we've ever been", etc. But running Apple is like being the Governor of California. It is almost impossible to do well, unless you are someone like Steve Jobs.

Without someone like him at the helm, Apple will be unmanageable. The problem isn't that Tim Cook is a bad CEO (I don't think he is). I just think that Apple requires a very unique individual at the helm. Unfortunately that kind of person is 1 in 6 billion (give or take).

So true. The wait is on for that unique individual with the vision to boldly go where no one has gone before, the perfectionist streak in him to do things impeccably, the tenacity to stick to the task at hand without losing focus, and the rare ability to be ruthless enough to extract the very best work out of his employees without alienating them so much they'll jump to the competition, and last but not least, an individual so averse to mediocrity that only the superb will be tolerated.

Many of us are hungry once more for unique, state-of-the-art, cutting-edge products, that have an impeccable design, change our lives for the better, and have a vision towards the future. A tall order, I know.
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49 months ago
Not that I dislike Tim but I miss Jobs, he was uncompromising in his vision and that's what made Apple what it is/was.
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49 months ago

Not that I dislike Tim but I miss Jobs, he was uncompromising in his vision and that's what made Apple what it is/was.

Mr. Jobs pushed like no other! his vision, conviction, passion and values kept the company standards high, Apple is lacking a pusher since then, I don't dislike Mr. Cook either but clearly he has been exploiting the success with little risk. Jobs would have never let the brand sit on 5400rpm hds on desktops in 2016, nor 16gb base model on mobile devices as the market stands today. Decisions like these have cheapen the brand.

"God is in the details" -Van Der Rohe
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49 months ago

Jim Cramer annoys me immensley and is tolerable in small doses. But with the Exception of Tim on tonight, I Will tune in. Sold my stock last year.

Sold my stock at just over $700/share. Guess I got lucky on both ends of the deal. Bought a boat load when Apple was young and nearly unknown. Figured at just $20/share I'd gamble. Thanks Apple.
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