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Eddy Cue on Apple TV: Customers Should Be Able to 'Buy Whatever They Want, However They Want'

Apple executive Eddy Cue sat down with CNN senior correspondent Brian Stelter last week for a two-part interview about the new Apple TV, describing the fourth-generation device as an "add-on for most people," since content providers such as ABC, CNN and WatchESPN still require authenticating with a cable or satellite TV subscription.

Eddy Cue's interview with CNNMoney about the new Apple TV last week

CNNMoney has now shared a few additional comments Cue made about Apple's rumored streaming TV service. Specifically, Cue said the new Apple TV could support whole cable packages from content providers such as Comcast, but he refused to elaborate much further, beyond alluding that Apple wants customers to be "able to buy whatever they want, however they want."
But what about buying a whole cable package, including CBS, right through the TV?

"If Comcast or any other provider wants to do that, they'll be able to do that with the current Apple TV," Cue said.

When I asked directly if Apple wants to get to the point that Moonves has been describing, an Apple-branded TV package, Cue said, "We want to get to the point where customers are able to buy whatever they want, however they want. We're not fixed into 'There's only one way to buy it.' Just like we've done with the App Store, where there have been things that have been free; things that you subscribe to; things that you pay for; things that are in-app. All of those capabilities will be here and we want that market to be able to develop."
Apple's rumored streaming TV service is expected to deliver a lightweight package of about 25 channels for around $40 per month, anchored by popular networks such as ABC, CBS, NBC and FOX, and could launch in 2016 following multiple delays in negotiations between Apple and content providers.

The new Apple TV launched last Friday and features an App Store, Siri, tvOS and more.

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45 months ago

I agree. People should be able to buy what they want when they can they give us an Amazon app?

That, sir, is entirely up to Amazon.
Rating: 45 Votes
45 months ago
I agree. People should be able to buy what they want when they can they give us an Amazon app?
Rating: 30 Votes
45 months ago
Buy whatever I want?

32GB iPhone please thank you.
Rating: 29 Votes
45 months ago
The thing that's really insulting is having to activate according to the cable service you take. If you do subscribe to cable, why do you want to have it on Apple TV? They don't seem to be able to understand that many of us don't want to pay $100-$200 a month for the privilege of having 400 channels, most of them useless and stupid.
Rating: 17 Votes
45 months ago
Why would I pay $40 a month for basic channels?? I paid $50 for my HD antenna and get all those channels with no monthly bill. They need to step up their game if they want to break into the TV industry.

Good Luck
Rating: 14 Votes
45 months ago

...Apple wants customers to be "able to buy whatever they want, however they want."' ('')

OK Eddy, how about a 32GB iPhone? Oh, and I'd like to buy it via PayPal direct from Apple.
Rating: 14 Votes
45 months ago
To bad when he says this he only means American users. People from any other country (thats right America isn't the only country in the world), have no legitimate or easy way to access content, and even when we do it is outrageously expensive. Please could they just support other countries for once.
Rating: 12 Votes
45 months ago
Rating: 11 Votes
45 months ago
This is taking way too long to implement.
Rating: 9 Votes
45 months ago
If Apple can let me pick and choose what channels/services I want to actually pay for that would be the television revolution we've all been waiting for.

If they debut an "internet television package" (aka cable lite) then they've failed.
Rating: 7 Votes

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