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iPhone Battery With 1715 mAh Capacity Possibly Destined for 'iPhone 6s' or '6c' Appears

French site last week shared a photo [Google Translate] of a battery appearing very similar to an iPhone battery and labeled as being from Apple's usual supplier, but the battery's capacity of 1715 mAh leaves questions as to whether the battery is intended for the upcoming "iPhone 6s" or a smaller "iPhone 6c" that has reportedly been delayed or canceled.

The battery's 1715 mAh capacity is lower than the 1810 mAh capacity of the iPhone 6 battery, indicating Apple would have to have increased power efficiency of the device for the "S" generation in order to achieve the same battery life as its predecessor. Given the consistent overall design of the iPhone 6 and 6s, it is unclear why Apple would reduce the battery capacity at all, unless other changes such as a thicker display panel needed for Force Touch support are reducing the internal volume available for the battery in the iPhone 6s.

Another option is that this battery is for Apple's rumored "iPhone 6c", which was reportedly a new 4-inch iPhone Apple had under development but which appeared to have been canceled or delayed earlier this year after supply chain evidence dried up. The battery in today's photo carries a manufacturing date of March 2015, so it does come from the timeframe when iPhone 6c claims were still circulating, although its capacity is higher than that of fellow 4-inch devices such as the iPhone 5s (1558 mAh) and iPhone 5c (1510 mAh).

One argument in favor of this being an iPhone 6s battery is the connector seen on the part, which appears essentially identical to the one seen on the iPhone 6 and distinct from that used on other iPhone models such as the 5s and 5c, but it is otherwise difficult to say what device this battery was planned for.

With roughly a month to go before the expected unveiling of the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, part leaks are rapidly accelerating. Many of them will not reveal much given the similarities between the two generation's designs, but some subtle differences such as those on the display assembly may hint at changes for the upcoming device.

(Thanks, Ryan)

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20 months ago
what is apples obsession in getting the phone as thin as possible? I can't be the only one that would take a semi decent battery life over a few mm of thickness!?
Rating: 33 Votes
20 months ago
Because our customers wanted a thin and light phone with good battery life, we decided to make our new phone thicker with worse battery life.
Can't innovate any more my ass
Rating: 22 Votes
20 months ago
Clearly for the next Apple Watch.
Rating: 14 Votes
20 months ago
No matter how much more 'efficient' battery life is made through OS tweaks, the last thing Apple should be doing battery wise is reducing the capacity. People don't want the same battery life. They want battery life extended.
Rating: 12 Votes
20 months ago
It's so nice of apple to give their customers what they want and make the phones super thin. I mean who really cares if the thing even has a battery, or a screen for that matter, as long as I can't even see the thing when it's turned on its side.

I've never seen anyone ask for a longer battery life, but the forums are full of people wishing they could be sitting in a steakhouse and pull out their phone to start using as a knife to cut the steak.

I suggest they remove they radio antennae to save on even more of that unsightly thickness.
Rating: 12 Votes
20 months ago

Maybe the power saving changes in iOS 9 will cover the smaller battery and still provide the same battery life. Makes room for the new panel, keeps the phone close to current size and lasts as long as it does now.

See, and maybe I'm just being crazy here, but maybe we could've had all those power saving efficiencies in conjunction with the battery size of the 6 and have a longer lasting phone as a result?

Madness, I know.
Rating: 12 Votes
20 months ago

Why are we still talking about this 6c phone? There are absolutely no parts leaks to suggest that it exists.

Only a year ago an entire army of people on here were denying the existence of the 5.5" iPhone purely on the basis that no parts were leaked.
Rating: 12 Votes
20 months ago
So the phones is thicker yet the battery is smaller? That is disappointing. Of course, a more power efficient A9 chip could help things, but only so much. You also have the screen and radios that draw power...
Rating: 10 Votes
20 months ago

Still a larger capacity than every single iPhone prior to the iPhone 6.

Is that actually meant to sound like a good thing?

"This car is still faster than every other car we made before... except last year's model... which was faster"
Rating: 10 Votes
20 months ago
Even less battery capacity? Jesus, what are they smoking over at Cupertino...
Rating: 9 Votes

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