Apple Rumored to Announce New iPod Touch, Nano and Shuffle Around July 14

Apple will announce a refreshed lineup of iPod touch, iPod nano and iPod shuffle portable media players around July 14, according to usually reliable French website The report claims the new iPod touch (codenamed "N102") should be a more significant update, likely including a bump to a 64-bit A-based processor, while the iPod nano ("N31A") and iPod shuffle ("N12D") may be refreshed with new colors only.

iPods in unreleased colors spotted in iTunes 12.2 earlier this month

iPods in unreleased colors were spotted in iTunes 12.2 earlier this month, including a darker blue for the iPod touch, a new gold or beige color for the iPod nano and a brighter pink color for the iPod shuffle. Notably, a few eagle-eyed readers noticed that the Calendar app on the iPod touch displays "Tuesday" and "14," which lines up with Tuesday, July 14 and information shared by's sources.

MacRumors discovered a full lineup of six new iPod colors

MacRumors subsequently discovered a full lineup of six new colors for the iPod touch, nano and shuffle hidden within iTunes resource files, including silver, space gray, red, bright pink, deep blue and light gold. Beyond new colors, storage capacities and other minor changes, Apple last updated the iPod touch and iPod nano in October 2012 and the iPod shuffle in September 2010.

Update 1 PM Pacific: iPod touch shipping times have slipped to 3-5 business days on the Apple Online Store in the U.S. and Canada.

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60 months ago

I'm not against it but does it make sense to mount 64-bit CPU on an iPod?

If that iPod is expected to run the same OS as Apple's other 64-bit products, absolutely.
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60 months ago

why do people still bother ipod when we having iphone - everything iphone can do that ipod do

Because an iPhone > $700 and an iPod < $200

iPods are mostly used by the younger age group
Rating: 23 Votes
60 months ago
Here's to hoping for a 128GB model. Since they killed the Classic they need something for those of us who have large libraries. Though they probably won't since you could pay to stream everything from Apple Music. *sigh*
Rating: 21 Votes
60 months ago

why do people still bother ipod when we having iphone - everything iphone can do that ipod do

Because I'm not going to get my 9yo daughter and 6yo son $700 phones.
Rating: 12 Votes
60 months ago
Best evidence that the rumour is true...

Rating: 12 Votes
60 months ago
Here is a GIF comparing the current and potential colors:

I'm digging the blue, but nothing quite compares to the colors of the iPod nano chromatic. ('')
Rating: 12 Votes
60 months ago

I'm not against it but does it make sense to mount 64-bit CPU on an iPod?

Economies of scale.
Better to utilize same architecture across all lines then having myriads of CPUS for myriads of products.
Rating: 11 Votes
60 months ago
It amazes me how people don't understand why iPod touches are still relevant. I'm old enough now (20) to buy myself an iPhone, but the costs outweighs the benefits for me. I'm almost always within wifi range, and when I go someplace new, I immediately check if they have free wifi where I am. Heck, I'm using free wifi at a hospital waiting room right now (don't worry, everything is ok. ;)). It doesn't make sense for me to get a data plan with an expensive phone ($600+) to use the data once or twice a month.

Either way, whether people get it or not, I've been waiting for a new iPod touch since about 2012, since I'm still using my 4th gen with its broken lock button on iOS 6. I didn't get the 5th gen when it came out because my iPod was still supported with iOS updates at the time. Now, it doesn't make sense to buy a 5th gen because it's outdated at this point, so I'm really hoping the rumors are true.

Give me a 64-bit A chip (I'd prefer an A8 so they don't have to update it again this fall/next year right away?), a better camera, an M motion chip, and preferably a larger screen and Apple Pay support and I'll buy one right away.
Rating: 10 Votes
60 months ago
Is it just me, or is anybody else bored of Apple? Apple Watch, the first truly new product Apple has released in at least 5 years, was a huge let down. All Apple does these days minor refinement of existing products. I was looking forward to a new Apple TV announcement because that product is in desperate need of a big change, but rumors about that seemed to have died completely.

Other companies are doing VR or AR and making self-driving cars, mapping under oceans and coming out with voice activated home assistant products and set-top boxes that play games and respond to gestures and voice. Apple seems to be in maintenance mode on what seems to be an increasingly boring lineup of products. So they make a computer thinner or a tablet or phone thinner, so what. A touchpad that buzzes, big freaking whoop. They changed the shape of a battery, wow, stunning. Music subscription, join the club. The biggest thing Apple has done this year is global Radio, but really meh, I have been listening to online radio streams from around the world for a decade now, Beats 1 is nothing. The last WWDC keynote was boring as hell and all it did was show people how much catching up Apple has to do when they start bragging about things like snapping apps to the side of your screen.

Even the rumors on this site have become mundane and centered more around the day to day operation of Apple or announcing that someone is putting up a poster in an Apple store. I used to get excited reading blogs here when there were new and amazing products coming out including dramatic new re-designs of products. Now it is kind of sad really that people get excited because an icon changed on an OS beta.

Apple has a ton of money and simply no vision. Tim Cook may be a good janitor, keeping Apple running, but the loss of Steve Jobs is starting to take affect. Apple hasn't excited me for years now and other people I talk too about Apple are just as bored.

So Apple comes out with new colors for iPod's for a dying product market? Wake me up when this company does something great...or even something NEW again.
Rating: 9 Votes
60 months ago
This would make me so happy.

My first Apple device was an iPod Nano 5th Gen. I loved it and it pulled me into Apple's ecosystem with two iPods, two Macs, an iPhone, and an iPad. I especially love my Nano 5th ben because it retains the click-well (which was an amazing design), is sleek, and it represents Apple back in 2010/2011 back when I enjoyed their software much more (and it seemed much more stable).

I also like having a small device just for music. Though it works, an iPhone isn't an ideal music device because you have to constantly look at the screen. Plus, an iPod Nano is much smaller, lighter, and it won't constantly interrupt my music for a text message or email or random push notification.

I'm actually planning on getting the battery replaced in my iPod Nano (16GB). The only way that I would buy a new Nano is if they (1) lower the price OR (2) give more storage for the current price. Honestly, 16GB soon won't be enough for my rapidly growing library. I can't really justify $150 for a new device that has the same capacity as my current one when Apple will replace the battery for $70. If they can lower the price I'll get it for the lighting connector and 5 hours more of battery life or (preferably) give me a 32GB Nano!

Sorry this was so long, I love my iPods.

EDIT: I wanted to add that the strength of the iPod and the weakness of an iPhone as a music player is the iPods simplicity and single-focus nature. Even the iPhone's music app has gotten out of hand with "For You," "New," "Connect," and "Radio" while it hides my actual music! Call me old fashion (even though I'm just 22) but I like to just see Albums, Artists, Playlists, and Songs. A radio service isn't too much and can be fine, but now they're just pushing a new digital service on you. I just want a simple music player/app. :(
Rating: 8 Votes

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