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Apple Watch Sport Destroyed in Torture Test Video

A CNet video shows the new Apple Watch Sport undergoing a variety of torture tests in a kitchen setting to see how well it holds up to a variety of abuse.

Previously, video bloggers have subjected the Sport's Ion-X screen and the Sapphire screen to a variety of scratch tests.

The video shows the Apple Watch Sport holds up remarkably well in various scenarios. The watch is washed, submerged in water for 10 minutes, boiled, grated, spilled on, dropped and finally smashed with cast iron skillet. The Apple Watch Sport screen did shatter with the skillet impact, but seemed to remain perfectly functional until that point.

The Apple Watch was officially launched today with pre-order deliveries arriving for the first customers.

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55 months ago
Won't hold up to a skillet impact?

I'm out.
Rating: 110 Votes
55 months ago
Rating: 46 Votes
55 months ago

Rating: 45 Votes
55 months ago

This is the only -gate I want to see catch on.

what about applegate?

Rating: 37 Votes
55 months ago
that's the new trend these days...waste a sub 1k gadget doing such gimmicks, millions of hits and truckloads of ad revenue.

Last I heard the "bendgate" guy is a millionaire now.
Rating: 32 Votes
55 months ago
Anyone else see a frowny face in the glass after it's smashed by the skillet?
Rating: 29 Votes
55 months ago
CNet's and FoneFox's experiments don't test microphone, speaker, or charging performance after submersing the :apple: Watch in water. These videos are interesting, but incomplete without taking those things into consideration.
Rating: 28 Votes
55 months ago
So if you ordered your watch at xx:04 and your order is still processing you have these people to thank.

I'm so sorry.
Rating: 27 Votes
55 months ago
They the joy on her face and in her voice as she pours various condiments on top of it made feel like I was watching some weird fetish video. I feel dirty now.
Rating: 26 Votes
55 months ago
what's wrong with that peanut butter?
Rating: 15 Votes

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