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Apple Watch Sapphire Crystal Display Cover Faces Drill in Scratch Test

iPhone service and repair website iPhonefixed earlier this week got its hands on a sapphire crystal Apple Watch display cover and decided to put the 38mm part through a scratch resistance test to weigh Apple's claims of a completely scratch-resistant sapphire display.

The website ran the display cover through its test, rubbing it against a stone wall, scratching it with a coin, key, and abrasive paper, and finishing off with tapping the screen with a hammer and drilling it with a power drill. Following the tests, iPhonefixed found Apple's promise of a scratch-resistant display to be entirely accurate, with not a single scratch or scuff on the screen even after all of the site's attempts at leaving a mark.

apple watch sapphire display
Apple's promotion of the sapphire crystal display cover marketed it as a material "ideal for protecting the Retina Display" on the Apple Watch, due to it being one of the hardest transparent materials on the planet next to actual diamonds.

Though iPhonefixed was not able to test the Apple Watch Sport's Ion-X glass display cover, with the lower-end model's "aluminosilicate glass that’s especially resistant to scratches and impact," it too is likely to hold up well to abuse.

Check out the full Apple Watch sapphire display cover scratch test video by iPhonefixed right here.

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60 months ago
Rotate the camera by 5 degrees, slow the video by 40%, change the shirt and whiten the background and you have this transformation.

Rating: 32 Votes
60 months ago
It is nice to have some positive news for a change.
Rating: 26 Votes
60 months ago
People who are buying (or pre-ordered) a screen protector are idiots.
Rating: 25 Votes
60 months ago
As somebody who has anywhere from two to three drills in my pockets at a time, this is welcomed news.

^ This would actually be funny if watches were kept in pockets…
Rating: 21 Votes
60 months ago
I am happy to know that I can wear my $17k watch while working my construction job and not getting it all scratched up. :D
Rating: 21 Votes
60 months ago
And yet you know Scratchgate is coming.
Rating: 21 Votes
60 months ago
The hammer bit made me laugh.

The reason a hammer exists as a tool is because it consists of a heavy weight on the end of a long handle, so, using momentum you can obtain a lot of force onto a small area using a swinging motion.

If you are going to tap a hammer onto something what does that prove?
That it's hammer proof, or that you can just use a hammer lightly.

Hey, you know what.....

The windows in my house must be made from Sapphire as I can hit them with a hammer lightly and they don't break either :D
Rating: 13 Votes
60 months ago
Whoa, does this guy always brandish his hands like that?

Nice to see the sapphire screen to be that durable. I am waiting for the x-ion glass scratch test.
Rating: 12 Votes
60 months ago
So the display is seemingly unscratchable. The stainless steel and gold bodies are not only durable but expensive. What is the chance that Apple promotes an upgrade program solely for the Apple Watch where you can replace the inside circuit board and battery at a fraction of the cost while keeping your watch? This is when you want to upgrade to the Apple Watch 2? Similar to the way we can drop off our watches to replace the battery at a watch store?
Rating: 12 Votes
60 months ago

That's a sapphire crystal display, but it's not an Apple Watch sapphire crystal display.

And I think the article is full of crap.

It'll be interesting to see the drop test as sapphire has a higher tendency to shatter (vs. Gorilla Glass).

I'm guessing the face will shatter if it's impacted on that beveled edge.

I'm sure we'll know soon enough.

Hate to disappoint someone so heavily invested, but Apple have thought of everything. Apparently you can strap this thing to your wrist so you don't drop it.
Rating: 11 Votes

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