Apple's Next-Generation A8 Chip Said to Top 2 GHz, Remain Dual-Core

Besides a larger display, Apple's upcoming iPhone 6 also may feature a faster A8 processor that pushes the system-on-a-chip beyond the 2.0 GHz threshold, claims GforGames citing Chinese media source cnBeta [Google Translate].

A7 transistor die photo from Chipworks

According to the latest information, Apple will reportedly increase the CPU frequency of its next-generation SoC to 2.0 GHz or higher per core, up from the 1.3 GHz (iPhone 5s and Retina iPad mini) or 1.4 GHz (iPad Air) of the A7 processor. The chip will keep the 64-bit, dual-core architecture of the current generation A7 CPU, but will be manufactured with a 20-nm process instead of the A7's 28-nm. TSMC and Samsung are thought be the primary manufacturers that are producing the A8 chip for Apple's upcoming iOS devices.

Though competing phones ship with quad-core processors, Apple's possible decision to stay with a dual-core design may be the result of the company using a custom-designed chip optimized for iOS and not an off-the-shelf solution. This optimization already has been shown in the current dual-core A7, which offers "desktop class" performance that outperforms other players in the mobile phone marketplace. In its detailed analysis of the A7 after launch, AnandTech found that even though the A7's performance is top-notch, there was still room for improvement as almost no iOS app took full advantage of A7's available processing power.

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72 months ago
Dualcore is still fine, just give us 2GB RAM this time! :confused:
Rating: 78 Votes
72 months ago
A new phone with a faster processor? A processor name that’s one higher than the previous model? This is MADNESS!
Rating: 43 Votes
72 months ago
I too find the A7 chip fast enough. What they need to do is add more ram as that would add the most noticeable performance input.
Rating: 23 Votes
72 months ago

Rating: 21 Votes
72 months ago
20nm = Less Power consumption!
Rating: 20 Votes
72 months ago
BUT, Will it have 2GB of RAM???
Rating: 18 Votes
72 months ago
This make me feel so funny inside when I hear android phones sporting quad and octa cores and still inefficient as hell. I'm not saying android phones are slow. I'm saying they're very inefficient in their use of resources and try to make up for it with too many cores!
Rating: 17 Votes
72 months ago
More than enough power for a phone. Although they'll scream they still want "quad core" ask them why?
Rating: 15 Votes
72 months ago
That can only mean!!

. . . it will still be clocked down to 1.4GHz and have 1GB RAM :rolleyes:
Rating: 13 Votes
72 months ago
Just give it 16GB of RAM to shut people up for the next years to come..
Rating: 9 Votes

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