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Apple Sold 2 Million Apple TVs Last Year in US, Trailing Behind Chromecast and Roku

Google's Chromecast and the Roku were the two highest-selling streaming media devices in the U.S. last year as the Apple TV fell to third place, according to new data from Parks Associates (via GigaOM).

Both Google and Roku sold an estimated 3.8 million streaming media devices last year, with Apple selling just over 2 million Apple TVs. To date, Apple has sold over 20 million Apple TVs worldwide since launching the streaming device in 2007, while Roku has sold 8 million devices since its first media box in 2008.

A Parks Associates report last year noted that 14% of U.S. broadband households were using streaming media devices. The study also stated that 37% of those surveyed households used a Roku device while 24% used an Apple TV, making the Roku the most used set-top box in the U.S.

Recent rumors have suggested that Apple is working on a next-generation Apple TV, which may feature a streaming TV service through a partnership with Comcast and other cable-box like capabilities. Some reports have also speculated that a new Apple TV may include enhanced gaming capabilities, utilizing iOS gaming controllers and an App Store ecosystem to provide a console-like experience.

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34 months ago
*stares at his unopened Chromecast box*
I didn't buy it. Got it as a gift. Stop assuming things.
Rating: 32 Votes
34 months ago

*stares at his unopened Chromecast box*

*Buys Chromecast*

*Wastes his money by never using it*

*Tells people on a forum*

*Get's the highest rated comment*

:confused: :eek:
Rating: 25 Votes
34 months ago
if apple would start to allow custom apps to be installed to the AppleTV, it would be the next best thing since sliced bread.
Rating: 20 Votes
34 months ago
Chromecast was announced on July 24, 2013

3.8 million for about 5 months of sales. Not bad.
Rating: 15 Votes
34 months ago
And how do these numbers look like in the surprisingly large parts of the world that are not the US?
Rating: 14 Votes
34 months ago
I love my Chromecast. The price tag and portability make it the best thing around. I have a Plex server with all my media and I can plug my Chromecast into anyone's TV to watch any of my stuff from. Nice for transforming a hotel room TV into your personal media hub too, if you travel a lot.

I wouldn't get an appleTV anymore
Rating: 11 Votes
34 months ago
I love my apple tv, but god damn is it a sloppy mess. Airplay with MacBook is still a laggy piece of crap no matter what the speed your internet and the ui is something that seems like an unfinished product. Not something apple would ever proudly sell.

And on that, apple DOESNT proudly sell the Apple TV. While they call it a hobby, there's no advertising for it and unless you go into a store already knowing what it is, you would probably pass by it assuming it was a Mac mini or something. Apple released this little box to sell more iTunes content. That's it. With every other product they do, they go full on. They actually work to make other things like Mac and iPhone and iPad a real finished product that represents apple in a good way.

The Apple TV? When was the last time it was even updated? A couple years ago? It's the strangest thing to see how much apple doesn't talk about it. It's like they put minimal effort behind it just to placate those that have iTunes libraries worth of stuff but they kinda set it aside in importance so they can work on the things that make them the real money. Like iPhone.

I'm purely talking out of my butt here, but I'm thinking that apple released this little Apple TV box to test market interest and gather data. Over the years, they developed a vision for how they WOULD like tv, but like jobs said on all things d, there isn't a viable "go to market solution for tv". It's not a problem of vision. It's how to bring it to market and it's a problem that still exists today. BUT. The market is changing. This is the internet age and I think apple already has a working fully developed prototype of a slick tv interface that would change everything. They are literally sitting on an amazing product and not releasing it until the market is ready. Again...talking out of my butt here, but I'm pretty sure apple already has a new product that would change everything and this piece of crap Apple TV box is not it.

Apple will string this little box out for a few more years and add little features here and there in minor update. Maybe even a little App Store and advanced gaming support. But it will always be the same general product. Until the full on Apple TV set happens

Watch this one of Steve jobs talking about tv
Rating: 9 Votes
34 months ago

What is the extra features of Chromecast and Roku comapre to Apple TV?

Platform independence.
Rating: 6 Votes
34 months ago

I found this confusing:

So how is Apple in last place when it's sold over twice as many devices as Roku?

I agree with others who said that if Apple finally gets the App Store on the ATV, it will really take off. I'm curious why it's taking them so long.

Easy. You are looking at the worldwide numbers and this article is only about the US sales for last year. ATV is available in more countries worldwide so it's numbers are bigger worldwide. Roku has limited sales worldwide and most of it's sales are US based.

I have 3 Chromecasts, a Roku, and an Amazon Fire. Chromecast and Roku are used constantly. I bought the AF on a whim when it was introduced. It's okay but, like the ATV, it's tied to a particular ecosystem. I've reboxed it so that I can gift it at one of the many Christmas parties later this year.

For $35 the Chromecast is one of the better tech investments I've made.


Households. Maybe there are more households with multiple AppleTVs than there are households with multiple Rokus. Put another way, there are more single-device households using Roku than AppleTV.

Do you realize this makes absolutely no sense?:confused:
Rating: 5 Votes
34 months ago

You'd hope that consumers enjoy seeing a company make profits that they can invest into future research, developments etc.. So yes, actually profits are an important thing.

I'm sure this only holds true on an Apple forum. Or do you hope gas prices keep rising so the oil companies make a huge profit? How about you landlord raising your rent or your bank increasing their interest rates on your mortgage so the make a huge profit? Do you want your supermarket to charge more so they increase their margins? How about the electric company? How about your cell company?

I'm an unusual consumer, I care more about myself and my wallet than I do about how much money multi billion dollar corporations make. And I bet that other than Apple, you do too. :eek:
Rating: 4 Votes

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