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Upcoming Apple TV Product Will Include Video Game Support, Launch Date Unclear

appletv.pngApple's much-rumored revamped Apple TV product will be revealed "any week now" according to a new report from the Financial Times, though notable Apple journalist Jim Dalrymple poured water on a separate report, saying an Apple TV will not be launching soon.

Though a launch date is uncertain, rumors have indicated the redesigned Apple TV product will include support for games, which the Financial Times confirms. It may also include a fully-fledged App Store, bringing apps to the set-top box for the first time.
The significantly redesigned hardware will include greater support for video-games, already a popular pastime on its iPhones and iPads, as well as other new features which could include bringing its App Store to the TV set for the first time.

The release, which was delayed from the end of last year, could come "any week now", this source said. Apple has not commented on the rumours.
Rumors of a revamped set-top box first begun appearing in early 2013, with TechCrunch's MG Siegler pointing towards an Apple TV product with a focus on gaming. Later in the year, hints of a delay surfaced, and it appears that the product was indeed scheduled for a 2013 launch that was later pushed back to 2014.

A recent report from Bloomberg suggested Apple was on the verge of revealing a new set-top box, possibly at some point in April, but indicated an actual product launch might come somewhat later in the year, which could potentially account for the discrepancy between launch reports from the Financial Times and other media outlets and a "Nope" from Jim Dalrymple.

In addition to games and support for Apple's iOS 7 controllers, other Apple TV rumors have pointed to a hardware product that combines the Apple TV with the router features of the existing AirPort Express. It has also been suggested that Apple is planning to work in conjunction with cable companies to build an Apple TV interface over existing cable content, essentially replacing the cable box.

Earlier today, Tim Cook told shareholders that the Apple TV generated $1 billion during 2013, counting hardware sales and movie/TV show rentals. He also noted that it was "a little more difficult to call [the Apple TV] a hobby these days" given its ever-increasing growth.

The company has also began offering a $25 gift card with the purchase of an Apple TV, possibly in an effort to clear out existing inventory ahead of a new product launch, and the Apple TV has also gained its own product section on Apple's online storefront.

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68 months ago

Dalrymple only Nope'd the imminent release, but not the rumor of an announcement.

It's entirely possible that this new Apple TV would be revealed months in advance, just to give time for developers to make apps in time for launch.

Yeah, I wouldn't be surprised if they announce it at WWDC with a fall release.

"I've Cracked it!" ...yeah right, its been 3 years already

Or, he cracked it and Apple is dealing with unresponsive cable companies...
Rating: 10 Votes
68 months ago
Steve via Walt...

"I've Cracked it!" ...yeah right, its been 3 years already
Rating: 5 Votes
68 months ago
I think he cracked the hardware/UI, but the content providers are stubbornly uncracked. I always thought an actual TV would be odd, there are so many screen sizes people want. A way cool set top box would be more like it.
Rating: 5 Votes
68 months ago
Dalrymple only Nope'd the imminent release, but not the rumor of an announcement.

It's entirely possible that this new Apple TV would be revealed months in advance, just to give time for developers to make apps in time for launch.

That's what happened with the iPad for instance. They gave developers the iPad SDK (part of iPhone OS 3.2 Beta) right after the announcement.
Rating: 4 Votes
68 months ago
The Beard has spoken.
Rating: 3 Votes
68 months ago
Until it does .MKV's (Never :)) - Will stick with my WD TV Live.
Rating: 2 Votes
68 months ago
Wild predictions:

Its a box.
It has 3d sensors, principally for facial recognition/user identification. This would allow for no passwords, multiple users, and parental controls. It may also have gaming applications.
The main input device might be an ergonomically shaped remote trackpad. (An "air mouse" or "iRing" is likely too difficult to use? An ipad or iphone is problematic because your gaze would be shifting between two screens. Who knows, I'm sure they spent millions figuring this out.)

A full version of IOS.

I'd love to see them avoid the cable companies. The writing is on the wall and perhaps media network loyalty to cable companies is waning. Content could be provided directly from them, purchased through the app store via monthly subscription. Wont be al'cart channels, unless the network permits it on their own volition. HBO, ESPN, Hulu, Netflix, NBC, CBS etc. Shows become available as they air. Potentially with more costly ad free options.
Live TV:
This will be interesting, but I think the burden for building the infrastructure to support it will be on the networks, not Apple. It will be apart of that networks app.

Purchased via ap store. Controllers are 3rd party.

A full TV set:
Maybe years away, but if we see one, it might be transparent when off. I don't think this would be a gimmick, I think it'd be an example of Apple wanting the "tech to get out of the way."

Home automation:
May act as a central hub for controlling 3rd party low energy Bluetooth devices such as light switches, thermostats, surveillance cameras, locks, etc.

Same old cable companies, but it will eventually be fiber.

Within 8 months, Google releases an android TV version, with hardware produced by 3rd parties. Cable companies begin to loose billions in revenue, their stock prices become volatile, companies are bought and sold, some consolidation occurs.

Ultimately we'll pay more for internet service, and more for content, but we'll have greater choice and convenience.
Rating: 1 Votes
68 months ago

I think the industries are too different to compare. When iTunes came out, CD sales were already not that great. ITunes helped the music industry tremendously; if the cable companies were like the music industry back then, they'd be all over the Apple TV. But right now, cable companies are making money hand over fist with their traditional expensive bundles of channels. That's why they won't budge.

Apple helped the music industry? I don't think recording studios who sell CDs will say that.
Rating: 1 Votes
68 months ago
All I know is, I'll be buying an Apple TV when the new model ships. Seems like they're finally ready to treat it like a serious product.
Rating: 1 Votes
68 months ago

Without iTunes, do you think folks would still be buying CDs?

Wow the point went right over your head lol
Rating: 1 Votes

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