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iPhone 5s Now Shipping Within 1 to 3 Days in U.S. and Several Other Countries

Apple is continuing to see improved iPhone 5s supplies ahead of the holidays, with shipping estimates from the online Apple Store now ranging from one to three days for all carriers, colors, and capacities in North America, Asia Pacific, Europe, and the Middle East. The GSM-compatible SIM-free iPhone still has a shipping estimate of 1–2 weeks.

Following the launch of the iPhone 5s, supplies were significantly constrained, especially for silver and gold models. Shipping estimates slipped to 7 to 10 days just hours after the phone was released and then slipped further to two to three weeks for an extended period of time.

Just over two weeks ago, shipping estimates were at three to five days in North America and Asia Pacific, while European and Middle Eastern Apple Stores still listed shipping estimates of one to two weeks.

According to reports, Apple has significantly ramped up its iPhone 5s production over the course of the last month while cutting back on iPhone 5c production, which has resulted in improved supplies in time for the Christmas holiday.

In-store supplies of the iPhone 5s have also become far more plentiful, with all colors and capacities of the phone available for immediate pickup in many brick and mortar Apple Stores across the United States.

Earlier this week, Apple released shipping deadlines to ensure customers receive gifts by December 24. According to the guidelines, the iPhone 5s must be ordered by midnight December 12 to arrive ahead of Christmas.

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70 months ago
I'm sure the haters will just spin this as lack of demand. In reality Apple's production rates just set a new record.
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