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Apple Increasing iPhone 5s Production by 75%, Cutting iPhone 5c Orders by 35%

Apple is cutting iPhone 5c orders from its suppliers by 35 percent according to analysts at NPD DisplaySearch (via AllThingsD), echoing prior reports from The Wall Street Journal and Reuters.

However, the new report goes further, claiming that iPhone 5s production has been boosted by 75 percent. This would seem to be promising news for Apple because increased sales of the 5s would lift its average revenue per iPhone sold.

Iphone 5s 5c
While the fate of the iPhone 5c is still to be determined, the iPhone 5s is doing quite well, indicating that Apple still has a strong hardcore base for its premium devices. It is worth mentioning that iPhone 5 production is scheduled to end Q3 2013; iPhone 4s’s end of life is still to be determined, as it still receives orders of 1 to 2 million units per month and only recently started selling in Indonesia.
The iPhone 5s has been in somewhat short supply with shipping lead times of 2-3 weeks from the Apple Online Store.

Apple recently began a new print ad campaign for the iPhone 5s, the first advertisements we've seen for that device after several weeks of a sustained and prominent television campaign for the iPhone 5c.

Apple CEO Tim Cook warned earlier this year about looking at any particular rumor out of the company's supply chain because, even if one is accurate, they do not paint a full picture of Apple's operations.

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71 months ago
A wild suggestion to Apple is to make the iPhone 5c what it was rumoured to be: a low-priced iPhone.
Rating: 43 Votes
71 months ago
Shocking news to no one.
Rating: 35 Votes
71 months ago
$300, off-contract, and those figures would be reversed :rolleyes:
Rating: 33 Votes
71 months ago
What MAN would walk around with a 5c with its girly colours :eek:
Rating: 25 Votes
71 months ago
surprised ... not.

why buy a year old device in a cheaper to produce package if u can get the most recent one for 100€ more
Rating: 23 Votes
71 months ago
5C sounded like a weird idea to me before it was even announced.

Not cheap enough to be the phone they want it to be.

Most people would rather just pay the extra $100 and get all the cool new features, when you think about it $100 over 2 or 3 years isn't much.
Rating: 23 Votes
71 months ago
People don't seem to get it on these forums. iPhone 5C is an awesome gold mine. If it is sold, they make a good margin. If it isn't, it is still pushing people to get the 5S. LET ME REPEAT THAT... The 5C sells the 5S. Why would they lower the price to $300? That makes no business sense.
Rating: 22 Votes
71 months ago

I'm fairly sure that iOS5 also did this, so why no lawsuit when iOS6 was released?

If you really want your 3GB back, then I suspect that erasing the device and restoring from an iCloud backup would give you back the space. Then block the Apple software update server on your wi-fi network - or fill your device until there's less than 3GB space left, which will also stop the download.

Wrong thread!
Rating: 16 Votes
71 months ago

What MAN would walk around with a 5c with its girly colours :eek:

I didn't know colors were gender specific. Although, I prefer not to adhere gender stereotypes; so maybe it's just me. BTW, my nephew likes pink Hello Kitty stuff and I just bought him a pink Hello Kitty tent.

I'm can't wait for the tech community to get over it's sexist and homophobic ways
Rating: 15 Votes
71 months ago
This is not surprising.

First, just based on looks:
- the colors are off-puttingly pale,
- the black front visually clashes with the pale colors - it doesn't look like an organic whole,
- the smooth soft back doesn't jive with the sharply protruding front
(It actually looks like the 5c is missing a cover that snaps onto the front made out of the same shape and color of the back.)

Next, price: for a $100, you get a whole lot more perceived features.

That "BusinessWeek" cover shot of Ive, Cook, and Federighi laughing wildly did not portend anything good.
Rating: 13 Votes

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