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Apple Could Still Be Planning Television-Related Announcement for Late This Year

apple_tv_interface_2012Back in February, former TechCrunch writer and Google Ventures partner MG Siegler reported that he was hearing "chatter" about Apple making a significant push into television in the fall of this year. While Siegler was unable to say whether the push would include an actual television set from the outset, he believed that something was indeed happening, whether it be opening up the existing Apple TV up to third-party developers or launching a new Apple TV set-top box with expanded capabilities.

Siegler appeared on yesterday's episode of The Talk Show with John Gruber, and near the end of the podcast talk turned to Apple's plans for a lower-cost "iPhone 5C" and the iWatch. But as noted by Business Insider, Siegler also slipped in a brief comment indicating that Apple may still be planning some sort of television announcement for "as soon as this November". The relevant bit begins at the 1:27:00 mark of the podcast:
Not to go into rumor central here but the latest things I've heard, that some sort of television product — not necessarily a television screen but something — could be coming as soon as this November. And I think there's some surprises there about what it could actually be and I don't know this for sure yet, but there's been whispers about, so I'm not going to write anything about it, but there's whispers out there that the interaction with it could be the interesting thing. People have talked about voice, but I think that that might be out the window and there might be some new way to interact with whatever this thing is.
Apple has been expanding its Apple TV offerings in recent months, working more closely with TV content providers to host their content on the set-top box. Back in June, Apple added several new channels to the box, including WatchESPN, HBO GO, Sky News, anime site Crunchyroll, and music concert and documentary streaming service Qello. Apple is also close to launching a Time Warner Cable app and television network The CW has said that it is working on an app for the device.

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46 months ago
Gene Munster just jizzed in his pants!
Rating: 16 Votes
46 months ago

I hope Tim Cook does not fuel any rumors anymore regarding iWatch or iTV. Just show when its ready, no more promises.

Dude we need rumors in order to survive a boring Friday afternoon or Monday morning at work....
Rating: 12 Votes
46 months ago
I get this feeling that Apple's “TV” is an AppleTV SDK + deals with content providers plus a 4K monitor and not any kind of integrated “smart TV.”

And I would be perfectly happy with that.
Rating: 9 Votes
46 months ago
Opening up the Apple TV to app developers is more interesting than an Apple television set. Although I would still like to see an Apple television set.
Rating: 8 Votes
46 months ago
What new ways are left? Foot control?
Rating: 5 Votes
46 months ago

What new ways are left? Foot control?

The simplest way.

Mind Control.

The iThink.

Rating: 4 Votes
46 months ago
Or, ya know... they could not be. You know, like last year and the year before that?
Rating: 4 Votes
46 months ago
An iTV or Apple TV SDK, either one Im really excited about! Hopefully there is some kind of preview in the fall event later this year!


Does this mean the gawd awful AppleTV interface will finally get a redesign?

Why is it awful? :[
I personally love it! :D
Rating: 4 Votes
46 months ago
SDK and upgraded box ...

is what I would like to see. Seems like a no brainer to start allowing some 3rd party apps.

I use the apple tv and roku 3. However, only use the Roku 3 for the rare Amazon Prime stuff and some news clips I can't get on netflix or hulu plus. The interface of the Roku cannot be compared to the apple tv.

Opening the Apple TV for 3rd parties will do what that did for the iPhone. :)
Rating: 3 Votes
46 months ago
Regarding the non-voice control aspect of this story, I wonder if "iWatch" could represent a double meaning...

What if you were sitting on the sofa with your Apple iWatch on your wrist and using Bluetooth 4.0, the TV can detect that you are in the room and can also detect who else is in the room. From your previous presence in the room during other TV programs and movies it might be able to figure out what your collective preferences are and suggest what you might want to "Watch". This would also work with Bluetooth 4.0 devices such as some of the later phones.

When you think about it, how often do we sit down in front of the TV and scan through the channels using the clunky old remote control and the clunky old TV guide to try to find something to Watch, then usually we end up watching the same old programs and movies that we always watch.

I also wonder if the iWatch could be used as a persistent identification system in conjunction with the iPhone and other devices. How about if the iWatch can detect when it is removed from your wrist? If that was true, then you could "authorise" your iWatch once when you put it on and then just leave it there. It would retain your "authority" until it detected that you had removed it.

I really see lots of things that the iWatch could enable in a very convenient way. Exciting times...
Rating: 3 Votes

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