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Apple Offers Developers a Closer Look at the New Mac Pro

At today's Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco, Apple offered a sneak peek at the upcoming Mac Pro, which features a radical tubular redesign along with Intel Xeon processors and ECC memory.

After the keynote, WWDC attendees were able to get a closer look at the Mac Pro and Engadget posted a number of photos as well of a video of the new Mac Pro.


The new Mac Pro is a fraction of the size of Apple’s last Mac Pro, which was originally released in mid–2010 with a small update in 2012. Though it is significantly smaller, the Mac Pro will include features like a full-sized HDMI connector, four USB sockets, six Thunderbolt 2 ports and two gigabit Ethernet ports.

Apple has not given an exact release date for the Mac Pro, but it is expected to debut later this year and it will be the only current Apple product assembled solely in the United States. MacRumors has additional photos of the Mac Pro provided by a developer.




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72 months ago
Rating: 130 Votes
72 months ago
"Apple can't innovate; my a**"
-Phil Schiller

Apple really surprised me today. Really excited for the fall.
Rating: 81 Votes
72 months ago
Rating: 71 Votes
72 months ago
Mac Pro X

Look! It's the Mac Pro X! Just what everyone wanted - a smaller, lighter stationary computer that is only expandable via an expensive cable that no one supports.

We need tools, not shiny cases. I need expandability, not a table cluttered in expensive cables that don't plug into anything. I don't need a smaller, lighter stationary computer. I need more places to put hard drives, video cards and ram as I can afford it. I need a disk drive. Apple is killing me. For what I needed, wanted and waited patiently for so long for - I got not one single thing I can use. I understand trying to be innovative if they've found a new way to make an old tool better - but changing things we've all come to know, love and need into something useless and unrecognizable just for the sake of change is exasperating (see; Final Cut X). Sure, it's pretty. It'll look great under a table every time I accidentally kick it or get my foot tangled up in one of the 20 cables laying in a rat's nest next to it. Looking forward to the clutter of hard drive caddies, a RedRocket card enclosure, the bare LG BluRay writer tethered via a USB cable, the adapter array full of FireWire ports to access cameras and drives containing legacy projects…oh, wait, never mind. It also just occurred to me - how am I going to mount that thing in a rack??? How is any of this going to attach to shared storage when I'm gonna have to wait 2 years for a 3rd party to invent an impossibly expensive Fibre channel adapter? Seriously, does anyone there actually use these products when they're designing them or listen to customers - or do they look at the suggestion cards and do the opposite???

Not that any of this really matters because without a working version of Final Cut, I don't need one anyway. So, thanks for saving me a bunch of money I guess? 3 - 4K monitors. For who??? The high school students using FCPX won't be able to afford it, nor will they need that much real-estate to edit YouTube videos.

God help Apple this is a disaster. They do know 'Pro' is short for 'professional' right?

I'm so depressed. I waited for 5 years to get nothing I can use or wanted.
Rating: 56 Votes
72 months ago
Rating: 53 Votes
72 months ago
I have to admit, that computing power aside, the design of this thing actually has me excited. That is a cool looking "desktop".
Rating: 50 Votes
72 months ago
Couldn't help.
Rating: 47 Votes
72 months ago
R2, is that you?

Jokes aside, the power inside such a small design really is impressive.
Rating: 41 Votes
72 months ago
This is fantastical! :D

Thunderbolt 2 will be plenty fast enough for external expansion (no more f/n cards, I'm happy about this!).

Anyone who wants to complain can go get a big 'ole PC tower, stay old school, and quit wining!
Rating: 32 Votes
72 months ago

but changing things we've all come to know, love

Industry standards have to change.

IDE became SATA.

Standard drives became SSD.

Floppy became CD/DVD's.

VGA became DVI became HDMI.

CRT became LCD.

Wifi B and G became N and now AC.

Serial cables and PS/1/2 ports became USB. Apple wants everything to be thunderbolt because it creates unity. It can carry any type of data. Imagine if audio video and data were all just one type of connection, nothing else. That would be amazing.

Things need to change for the better, and it's always Apple that gets attacked for leading such change.

Dropping optical drives for example. Discs are stupid like floppy disks. I'm sure the first computer not to have Floppy drives got a negative in it's review because of it.

Better technology will catch on, like always. Just wait. We can't use old tech just because it is widely supported and nothing else. This has expandable RAM and storage. PCIe is faster than SATA so that is good.

Embrace the future. My opinion. :)
Rating: 31 Votes

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