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Apple Updates iPad 2 Smart Cover Offerings with Color Tweaks

Alongside today's quiet MacBook Pro refresh, Apple has also updated its iPad 2 Smart Cover offerings, perhaps most notably discontinuing the orange polyurethane cover and replacing it with a new dark gray cover.

New dark gray Smart Cover

Other changes include:

- Interior color now matches exterior color. The interior side of the Smart Cover facing the iPad screen had previously been a uniform gray color on all models with the exception of the (PRODUCT) RED version. All Smart Covers are now a consistent color inside and out.

Smart Cover showing tan color on outside and inside

- More vibrant colors for polyurethane covers. Aside from the replacement of the orange cover with a dark gray one, sources indicate that the colors on the polyurethane models are now more vibrant. Polyurethane Smart Covers come in blue, green, pink, light gray, and dark gray.

- Color adjustment on navy leather cover. Apple offer five different leather Smart Covers, and sources reports that Apple has slightly tweaked the color on the navy version to make it "more navy" than the original version. All other colors (tan, black, cream, and red) remain unchanged.

Pricing on the Smart Covers remains the same, with polyurethane covers coming in at $39.00 and leather covers priced at $69.00. While Apple's store pages have been updated with the new colors, the company's Smart Cover page does not yet reflect the changes.

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95 months ago
Rating: 12 Votes
95 months ago
Is my orange cover a collectible item now? :D
Rating: 7 Votes
95 months ago

Nooooooo why did they get rid of the orange!? I mean I have an orange one already but I would like to be able to buy a new one if something were to happen to this one. :(

Wow, you must be devastated.
Rating: 6 Votes
95 months ago

they did no such thing... they replaced the orange ($39) with the dark grey ($39)

I wasn't replying to the article. I was replying to the quote in my response. :roll eyes:

Rating: 5 Votes
95 months ago

Someone at my local Apple Store must have discovered time travel, because my red Smart Cover has always had the same color on the inside and out.

hmm might have helped to have read the bit in the article that mentions that!
Rating: 4 Votes
95 months ago
I don't understand why they got rid or Orange, of course it's not everyone's favourite.. but come on the bright colours are great!

I bought an Orange smart cover just before they were phased out.
Rating: 4 Votes
95 months ago

I'd prefer they just made it practical.

As it is, it doesn't protect the iPad in case of a fall, not sturdy enough to be used as a stand, comes off if tossed in a back pack, doesn't magnetically stick to the back of the device so unless you're holding it it hangs.

Not a fan. The iPad case they made for the first iPad was much, much better (aside from the color options and that it got marked up so easily).

Fair enough, but smart cover and cases are for different uses really. The cover is for light protection when you use it around your house and don't take it anywhere. It works fine for that. If you don't like it sticking by the back, you can just take it off. That's what I do.


I think Apple should recall the Leather cover, I have a white iPad 2 which also has a screen protector on it and leather smart cover's die stain the screen protector - so I had to replace it. I now have a gray normal one have no staining issues.

No, they should recall it if it stains the actual screen. Apple didn't design this to use with a screen protector. Why bother with a screen protector, anyway? That's what the smart cover is for. What does a screen protector actually protect the screen from?
Rating: 3 Votes
95 months ago

"Interior color now matches exterior color. The interior side of the Smart Cover facing the iPad screen had previously been a uniform gray color on all models. Smart Covers are now a consistent color inside and out."

My navy blue leather one already has this (bought on launch day)

Yeah, the article is incorrect. The leather covers have always had matching interiors.
Rating: 3 Votes
95 months ago

I think the leather smart cover is a crazy rip off at that price. I got this case ( because it was on discount ($15) at my Verizon store when I was lucky to get a first generation iPad last June at a great price. It covers the back too and provides excellent viewing angels. Just as nice if not nicer leather compared to the smart cover.

Can I get it in Orange?? ;)
Rating: 2 Votes
95 months ago
poor orange... it was the first and only color i considered for mine. also amazing how many naysayers there are for the covers function. i'm oh so impressed by the ability to flip it open and be 'on' - fold it back.. have a stand.. easily rip it off if going commando... it's one of the best designed accessories in my eyes.
Rating: 2 Votes

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