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Jailbreaking of New Apple TV Eased by iTunes Restore Capabilities

New Apple TV mounted in iTunes

As noted by The Apple Press, Twitter user StealthBravo has confirmed that the new Apple TV can be mounted and restored in iTunes, easing the way for jailbreakers to bring new functionality to the set-top box.

This means that the jailbreak community may soon be able to offer us tools, as they currently do for other iOS devices, to save SHSH blobs, jailbreak the Apple TV, and install 3rd party software. Maybe an app store for Apple TV may come sooner than any of us may have expected after all.

The Apple TV offers a Micro-USB port to allow for service and support connectivity, but the port also offers a means for users to physically connect the device to their computers to employ the techniques required in order to jailbreak the operating system.

Apple TV's Micro-USB port

With yesterday's discovery that the Apple TV offers 8 GB of internal storage, there appears to be ample space available for the installation of additional software on jailbroken devices.

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