More Hints of an 'iPhone Nano' from Case Manufacturers

iPhone case manufacturer XSKN has labeled a section on their site for the "iPhone Nano". This description suggests that long running rumors of a miniaturized iPhone could be true.

XSKN gained some notoriety earlier this year when it began selling cases for the then-unreleased iPhone 3G. The company again received headlines in September with case images of unreleased 4th Generation iPod Nano designs. Both times, some readers had questioned if these were simply publicity stunts, though both sets of images later turned out to be accurate.

This time, XSKN has not published images of the purported "iPhone Nano", but iDealsChina did so earlier this month. While we don't believe XSKN or any case manufacturers have official knowledge of Apple's future plans, there is enormous financial incentive for these companies to obtain early information about Apple's next product.

To add more uncertainty into the mix, we've heard that some of Apple's initial plans for Macworld may have been delayed. So, even if an iPhone Nano was originally in the works, we're not sure when we'd actually see one.