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Microsoft's "I'm a PC" Ad Airs [Updated, More Ads]

Phase II of Microsoft's $300 million rebranding ad campaign started airing tonight during prime time. The ad showed a series of individuals saying "I'm a PC" in various settings.

The ad is a direct response to Apple's "Get a Mac" ads where Justin Long and John Hodgman play the Mac and PC characters, respectively. Microsoft is embracing the "I'm a PC" line in their new ad campaign. The ad is also being hosted at Gizmodo.

CNet has some more information about the accompanying print ad which carries a theme of "Life without Walls".

Brooks said to expect the "I'm a PC" notion to run for some time, being joined by a Web push that will go live at tonight and invite users to tell their own "I'm a PC" story, some of which will be made into online advertisement.

Update:Additional versions of the ad:

- I'm a PC, and I Wear a Suit
- I'm a PC, and I am Not Alone