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Adobe Flash Support for iPhone Coming Alongside SDK?

Gearlive claims that according to a "reliable source", the iPhone will be getting Adobe Flash support "very, very soon". The site speculates that the release may come alongside the Software Development Kit (SDK) release that is due later this month -- but this timeframe is just guesswork.

Adobe's Flash plug-in is required to play Flash content which is commonly used in certain aspects of web design and web-hosted videos. Apple has managed to get around this requirement with Youtube by converting Youtube content into h.264, which the iPhone supports natively.

Lack of Safari support for the popular Flash plug-in generated a lot of early criticism for the Apple iPhone. Walt Mossberg first revealed in July that Apple planned on adding Flash support in a future software update, but this feature has not yet been seen.

GearLive has not been a regular source of Apple rumors, but notably, they were responsible for the early leak of iPhone 1.1.3 firmware, which turned out to be legitimate.