NBC Television Shows Now Available on Amazon

NBC and Amazon announced today that NBC television content would now be available through Amazon's Unbox download service..

Popular NBC shows now available on Amazon Unbox include the Emmy Award-winning series The Office, the critically acclaimed drama Heroes, and Emmy-nominated comedy 30 Rock. Beginning on September 10, Amazon Unbox customers can download for free -- in advance of their network premieres -- the pilot episodes of NBCs new shows Bionic Woman, Chuck, Journeyman and Life. New episodes will be available on Amazon Unbox the day after they air on TV.

The shows are available for $1.99 per episode (same as iTunes), but also available as an entire season at 30% off. Apple and NBC had publicly disputed the terms of their agreement which led to the end of the NBC-iTunes contract.

Apple had claimed that NBC was demanding "double the wholesale price" for each NBC episode. NBC later claimed that the dispute centered around flexible packaging of shows together and piracy concerns.

Amazon's Unbox service requires Window XP and is not compatible with the Macintosh.

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