iPhone Subtleties: Feature Lock, Capacity

Some fine print regarding the iPhone is being brought to light today regarding the iPhone's storage capacity and features.

Many users continue to extol Apple's apparent editing mistake in its activation video where the iPhone is shown to have an 74.40 GB capacity. While we firmly believe this was simply an editing mistake on Apple's part, Apple shows during other parts of the video the capacity of an apparently empty 8 GB iPhone as 7.24 GB. It is standard industry practice to advertise a device's physical capacity rather than usable, formatted capacity, and it seems the iPhone is no exception. Potential purchasers should keep this in mind when deciding on which model to choose.

In addition, TUAW has noted that Apple and AT&T are serious when they indicate that a 2-year service plan is required when purchasing an iPhone. According to fine-print on Apple's rate-plan webpage, even iPod features of the iPhone will be locked until the phone is activated after purchase of a service plan through iTunes.

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