Apple's Phil Schiller at Intel Developer Forum, Viiv Contest

MacNN reports that Phil Schiller joined Intel's Paul Otellini on stage at Intel's Developer Forum.

According to another report, Schiller stated that this was "just the beginning of the things that Intel and Apple can do together to bring to market the best computers that consumers and professionals have ever seen."

Otellini discussed the successful launch of the Core 2 Duo processor which powers the latest iMacs:

When it comes to performance and energy efficiency, Intel's new Core micro-architecture and flagship Intel Core 2 Duo processor have set a new standard for the industry, Otellini said. He showed where Core2 Duo benchmarks led across a wide range of applications and said it was now the fastest-ramping product in the company's history, with 5 million units shipped since it was introduced less than 60 days ago.

He also discussed their plans for 45nm products across desktop, mobile and server lines as well as the plans to ship Quad-core processors by November.

Meanwhile, Intel has also announced a $1 million contest for the best ("sexy, small, and sleek PCs") design utilizing their Viiv platform. Viiv is a reference design utilizing their dual core processors intended for home digital entertainment. At present, Apple has not adopted the Viiv design/name in its computers, but there had been speculation that they might.