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Apple Retail Stores Experiencing Computer Downtime, Personal Pickup Affected

Customers at Apple Stores around the country are running into problems attempting to pick up ordered merchandise and make purchases, as Apple's retail stores appear to be experiencing a system-wide outage that is preventing the store from making some sales.

We have received quite a few tips from readers and additional complaints on Twitter indicate that the issue is widespread and affecting quite a few Apple customers. Part of the outage includes Personal Pickup, which means people have been unable to collect ordered Retina iPad minis in stores.

The issue has been ongoing for at nearly two hours now, and according to one customer, an Apple employee claimed that every Apple store in the country was down. At some stores, however, Apple employees are able to make standard sales by hand writing receipts.

It is unclear what the issue is, but Apple is likely working to bring its point of sale system back online as soon as possible.

Update 12:20 PM: One user who had reported the issue to MacRumors has followed up to say that he has received a call from his Apple retail store notifying him that systems are back up and running.

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11 months ago
It's the Affordable AppleCare Act.
Rating: 20 Votes
11 months ago
If Apple's systems are not perfect then certainly their products are not perfect. Being seen in public with a device that is not perfect will make me appear imperfect which I most certainly am NOT!

It is my veneer of perfection, and absolute intolerance of anything that is not both perfect and immediate, that allow me to ignore the fact that there are people without food and shelter right here in my city. Though blessedly not in my most excellent zip code!

Damn you Apple (and MacRumors) for damaging that veneer and forcing me to look at this inequality. You have pushed me on to a slippery slope. My toy collection will suffer because you have made me realize that I should be giving as much to help folks in need as I spend on my toys.

My life shall never be the same:mad:

(Full disclosure: I started this post on a lark, but it turned into a memo to self. I just replaced my iPad 2 with a shiny new Air that I wanted but did not need. I am sending Best Buy $50/month to pay for my new toy. None of my meager charitable giving goes to homeless and hungry folks. That will change as soon as finish this post. I would be deeply flattered if even one person imitated me.)

Rating: 6 Votes
11 months ago
First they hack Macrumors so that they can hack Apple! Way to go, Macrumors...
Rating: 5 Votes
11 months ago

Customers at Apple Stores around the country are running into problems attempting to pick up ordered merchandise and make purchases ... an Apple employee claimed that every Apple store in the country was down.

Which country?
Rating: 5 Votes
11 months ago
Ordered my mini for pick up 2 hours ago in SF. Called and was told it may be tomorrow. First world problems. I just launched the iTunes store and donated to the Philippines. They have bigger issues then we do trying to get our minis lol.
Rating: 4 Votes
11 months ago
Another good example to not rely on 'cloud' technologies so much.
Rating: 3 Votes
11 months ago
Which country? Is it just the US? Are other countries affected? C'mon Macrumors; you're an international news service now. Try not to be so parochial.
Rating: 3 Votes
11 months ago

All this cloud-reliance disgusts me. You have the clearly evident single-point-of-failure problem yet everyone continues to dump all their personal stuff in the cloud for companies to sift through and harvest your data to make money with.

But this is what the world has become. You get convenience at the cost of your privacy.


What does the cloud have to do with Apple retail systems?

All Large Companies have redundancy, but depending on the specific problem, it can take time to switch to backup systems. I doubt we'll ever hear what happen, it will be fixed, and life goes on..
Rating: 3 Votes
11 months ago

now : angry mobs accumulating outside :apple: stores around the world. the outcry is unprecedented

So this is how World War Z really starts .... Deprived of iOS, humans become zombies and Brad Pitt is the only one with a LTE iPad mini :D
Rating: 3 Votes
11 months ago
A certain MR admin is at it again...
Rating: 2 Votes

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