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Apple Sending iOS 5 to iPhone Assemblers at End of September, No Sign of Redesigned iPhone 5

In a new research note provided to MacRumors, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo reports that Apple is scheduled to send the golden master version of iOS 5 to its iPhone and iPod touch assembling partners during the timeframe of September 23rd through 30th, suggesting a launch for the new hardware around mid-October once the assemblers have had time to install the software on already-produced hardware and ship it out. The claims are in line with other reports suggesting that Apple will debut the next iPhone around the middle of next month.

Back panel from prototype N94 iPhone

Perhaps more interestingly, Kuo specifically tells us that he has seen no evidence of the rumored redesigned "iPhone 5" in the supply chain. Instead, his sources point to the "N94" iPhone that has been popularly referred to as the "iPhone 4S" as the sole new iPhone model set to ship, with Apple planning for 30 million units through the end of the year. Apple is also planning production of an additional 5 million units of the existing iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS models as it transitions to the new model.

While many have been holding out for a significantly redesigned iPhone 5 offering a thinner, tapered profile as shown in third-party cases supposedly based on leaked design documents, essentially no evidence for such a model has surfaced in the form of parts leaks or other details. While some have suggested that the N94 is a decoy/scrapped/backup model and that Apple is keeping the redesigned model under tighter wraps, Kuo is not seeing signs of such a model anywhere in Apple's supply chain.

As for the N94 iPhone, Kuo also shares a few details on the device:

- 512 MB of RAM: This is to be expected, as the next iPhone should be using the same A5 chip found in the iPad 2, which does in fact offer 512 MB of RAM.
- Camera module height "almost same" as in iPhone 4: Camera thickness is the major limiting factor for overall device thickness, meaning that the next iPhone is not likely to be significantly thinner than the iPhone 4. Sony is said to have started shipping camera sensors to Apple's manufacturers back in July, with OmniVision coming online to assist in September or October.
- 3.5-inch display: A number of rumors have claimed that Apple will be using a larger display for the new iPhone, but Kuo's sources indicate the screen will be the same size as that found in the iPhone 4.
- Glass front and back: Although not 100% confident on this item, Kuo's sources suggest that Apple will continue to utilize the same basic design of the iPhone 4, with glass on both the front and back of the device.
- Manufacturing shares: Foxconn is scheduled to handle 85% of the production load for the new iPhone, with Pegatron taking the remaining 15%. As previously noted, Pegatron will be a bit slower to ramp up production, and will primarily be supplying Apple's Asia-Pacific markets.

As for the next-generation iPod touch, Kuo sees very few enhancements over the current fourth-generation models. The most visible change will be the addition of white models, with Apple said to be targeting production at a 60-40 split between black and white for both the iPhone and iPod touch. The iPod touch is said to be set to see a major redesign for the 2012 release.

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39 months ago
There are gonna be A LOT of pissed off people (myself included), if the iPhone 5 isn't a significant revamp.
Rating: 44 Votes
39 months ago
:( If this rumor turns out to be true.
Rating: 33 Votes
39 months ago
There is not a snowball chance in hell Apple will simply tack on more RAM and the A5 to the iPhone 4 and call it a day.

No way.

You don't take 16 months to release a speed bump. And you certainly don't take 16 months to release a device that looks exactly the same as its predecessor - to regular people, it'll just be another iPhone 4. There's no visual cue to indicate anything's changed.
Rating: 25 Votes
39 months ago
Sorry, but it's already been CONFIRMED ( that this is false.


This is definitely believable though. I'm cool with an iPhone 4 with an LTE chip shoved into it alongside an A5.
Rating: 19 Votes
39 months ago
lame, this happens to "innovation" once u become the top leader and don't feel the need to compete. i guess i'll have to look elsewhere if this becomes true ...

i assume all this wait was just for those other US providers to get on board zZz
Rating: 19 Votes
39 months ago
Wait 15 months and we get the exact same design? I'd pass on that one. No one cares about CPU upgrades, as evidenced by the fact that when the 3GS came out, a lot of people said "meh".

I don't think Apple can get away with a new model using the same design anymore. If your average person can't explain the differences between the models, then it's pretty much as if it never happened.
Rating: 17 Votes
39 months ago
Well, I, like everyone else on here, have been eagerly awaiting to see the "new" iPhone. However, I can pick up my iPhone 4 right now, look at it, and still feel mesmerized by it. It's truly beautiful. Sometimes you don't fix what's not broken. For all we know, they might be doing some big changes under the hood that are worthwhile to most. Time will tell, though. (I sure as hell hope it's more than just an increase of ram and megapixels.)
Rating: 16 Votes
39 months ago

How do they actually install the OS fast and efficient on millions of units?

Many many computers running iTunes. lol.
Rating: 15 Votes
39 months ago
I find it incredibly difficult to believe that Apple would wait 16 months to improve the processor. I'd be shocked if we do not see two variations of the iPhone next month, one being the cheaper revamped iPhone 4 and the new iPhone 5.
Rating: 14 Votes
39 months ago
After waiting 1.5 years for a new iPhone, they can't stiff us with an "S" model... Apple is behind all those great looking 4" Androids... Every iPhone owner admits to drool over the screen size, the thinner factor and overall look of the Android phones.
Not releasing an upgraded 4" screen iPhone with 8MP camera would be the stupidest move ever. Lots of people would be disappointed and pissed off and would definitely sell out to other platforms.
Look what happened to Final Cut Pro X. Adobe is selling 50% more Premiere software thanx to a senseless "downgrade" from the amazing Final Cut Pro 7...
Rating: 13 Votes

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