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Production of the iPad 3 Retina Display Remains a Challenge

Digitimes reports that the production of the next generation iPad's high resolution Retina Display continues to be a problem, resulting in Chimei Innolux failing certification to become an LCD supplier for Apple's next tablet.
CMI has cut into the supply chain of iPad 2, which uses IPS panels, but the new Apple tablet is more demanding in terms of resolution, the sources said. The iPad 3 will feature a 9.7-inch panel with resolution of 2,048x1,536 compared to the iPad 2's 1,024x768.
Chimei Innolux is presently believed to be a display supplier for the currently shipping iPad 2.

The iPad 3, however, is believed to carry a 2048x1536 high resolution display that is double the linear resolution of the current iPad 2 screen of 1024x768. We first wrote of the possibility earlier this year when it was discovered that a version of Apple's iBooks application for the iPad already contained the necessarily double resolution (x2) artwork. Apple similarly doubled the iPhone's resolution from 480x320 to 960x640 when they introduced the iPhone 4.

Chimei Innolux is not alone in having yield difficulties with the new display. Samsung and LG are also said to have run into challenges. A previous report even claimed that it was these poor display yields which pushed the iPad 3's launch to 2012.

As big a jump as a 9.7" Retina Display sounds like, there has already been at least one official announcement of this level of high resolution tablet display. Samsung demoed a 2560x1600 10.1" LCD back in May, though based on somewhat different technology.

The original iPad's display was said to be the most constrained part for Apple, resulting in delays in shipments. As a result, Apple is believed to have invested $3.7 billion in display manufacturers in order to lock up access to LCD production facilities. The production from the earliest of those factory investments (Toshiba) are said to ramping as early as late 2011, while Sharp's new factories were to begin producing displays in 2012. The timing could fit with the next generation iPad.

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35 months ago

The higher resolution display is a a waste. I already can't see the pixels on the existing display. It is a "Retina Display".

I would much rather see improved battery life, storage, having the iOS and MacOS and MacClassic all merge so I can run all of my software on my iPad/iPodTouch/iPhone/PowerBook/etc. That would be useful. The "Retina" display its just marketing glitz.

I suggest you buy glasses then :-) By no means is the display on the iPad of bad quality, but you can clearly see the individual pixels.
Rating: 10 Positives
35 months ago
I see a lot of reports saying: 'this is why Apple delayed the iPad3 until 2012.' I think they haven't delayed it whatsoever, I think their intention all along has been to release it in 2012. Especially considering how well the iPad2 is selling at the moment, and the fact the iPad2 is just opening in new countries.
Rating: 7 Positives
35 months ago
I like a Macbook Air with Hi-Resolution Display more than iPad.
Rating: 6 Positives
35 months ago
2x2 = 4

pixels are like a matrix in math
Rating: 6 Positives
35 months ago
The only thing that prevented me from upgrading my Ipad to Ipad 2 was the resolution, its the one thing I find lacking currently. If they do infact double the resolution, it will almost be perfect for my needs. Currently disapointed how much better the Iphone 4 displays content compared to the Ipad.
Rating: 5 Positives
35 months ago
iPad 3 is gonna be the final nail in the coffin for all the young pretenders if it rocks up with this resolution.
Rating: 4 Positives
35 months ago
A bit in The article is wrong, the resolution of the iPad 3 won't be x2 but x4 higher than the present iPad.

We first wrote of the possibility earlier this year when it was discovered that a version of Apple's iBooks application for the iPad already contained the necessarily double resolution (x2) artwork.

Rating: 4 Positives
35 months ago
Find a way suppliers we're counting you
Rating: 4 Positives
35 months ago

yes! it absolutely needs the higher res screens!!! if you do any art on your iPad it's a must. when you zoom to work on details the pixelation is horrible!! the only thing that will fix that is a higher res screen. same the for photos and videos when editing.

If you can't distinguish individual pixels, higher resolution is worthless.

The zooming artifacts is just the nature of zooming, it has nothing to do with the screen resolution. Your artwork is say 320x240, well, if you zoom in, it's just going to show bigger squares when it takes up 640x480 pixels on the screen, it's not going to magically be sharper and upscaled. :rolleyes:

I guess artists don't quite understand the technical difference between zooming and upscaling.
Rating: 4 Positives
35 months ago

this is ARM CPU's were talking about. they aren't that high tech

I'm pretty sure these ARM CPUs are more powerful than even the top of the line Intel beasts we were using back in 1996. ;) I'm also pretty sure "4x more powerful" is not even a stretch of the imagination. In 1996, my computer was a Pentium 100 mhz, yet it was capable of pushing out double buffered 1600x1200 for a windows desktop, all of that from my 4 MB Matrox Millennium that didn't even support hardware based texture mapping.

And we're more talking about the PowerVR GPUs vs the GPUs of 1996 here, moreso than processors. Again, I'm pretty sure 4x is not even in the equation at this point, it's much, much more than that.
Rating: 3 Positives

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