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EU Reportedly Satisfied With Apple's Plans to Open iPhone's NFC Chip to Rivals

Tuesday June 18, 2024 6:37 am PDT by
Apple is set to conclude a lengthy antitrust investigation by the European Union into its mobile payments system by making significant concessions to give competitors access to the iPhone's NFC technology, the Financial Times reports. The European Commission charged Apple in 2022 with violating competition law, contending that Apple was preventing competitors from accessing its near-field...
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European Regulators Will Soon Approve Apple's Plan to Open Up Tap-to-Pay to Banks and Payment Providers

Friday April 19, 2024 10:04 am PDT by
As part of the changes introduced in Europe in iOS 17.4, Apple gave third-party payment apps and banks direct access to the NFC chip, allowing for non-Apple Pay tap-to-pay payment options. The European Commission is set to approve Apple's plan to open up tap-and-go mobile payments "as soon as next month," according to Reuters. With NFC access, banks and third-party payment apps can offer...
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Apple Offers to Open NFC Payment Technology to Third-Party Developers in Europe

Saturday January 20, 2024 3:11 am PST by
Apple has proposed opening its NFC payment technology to third-party developers in Europe, allowing direct rivals to Apple Pay to operate on the iPhone for the first time. Historically, the use of Apple's NFC chip in iPhones and Apple Watches for payments has been exclusively utilized by ‌Apple Pay‌, limiting the ability of banks and other financial services to offer their own contactless...
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Apple Offers iPhone NFC Chip Access to Apple Pay Rivals in EU

Tuesday December 12, 2023 3:26 am PST by
Apple has reportedly offered to open up the iPhone near-field communication (NFC) system that Apple Pay uses to other payment services, in a possible effort to forestall impending EU regulatory action. In a brief report Tuesday, Reuters said that Apple has offered to let rivals access the NFC system in iPhones, but it is not yet clear what Apple's proposal involves. Banks have complained...
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EU Officially Objects to Apple Limiting Third-Party Access to Apple Pay NFC Capabilities

Monday May 2, 2022 4:13 am PDT by
In line with a report late last week, the European Commission today officially announced that it has issued a Statement of Objections to Apple over its restrictions that prevent third-party services from accessing the NFC capabilities of the iPhone, thereby restricting competition in mobile wallets on iOS. The statement is a preliminary view that will need to be confirmed with further...
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EU to Accuse Apple of Unfairly Blocking Third-Party Access to NFC Payment Technology on iPhone

Thursday April 28, 2022 5:03 am PDT by
Apple will be accused of breaking EU law by unfairly limiting access of its mobile payment system on iPhone to third-party service providers, such as PayPal and Venmo, according to the Financial Times, citing sources familiar with the matter. According to the report, Apple will be accused of "unfairly blocking groups such as PayPal and leading banks from accessing its mobile wallet system"...

Upcoming iOS Update Will Allow iPhones to Accept Credit Cards Directly Using NFC

Wednesday January 26, 2022 5:00 pm PST by
Apple is working on a new payments service that will allow iPhones to accept payments directly on device with no additional hardware, reports Bloomberg. Right now, iPhones can accept credit cards with add-ons like the Square Reader, but Apple's new technology will eliminate the need for a third-party product. Individuals and small businesses will be able to accept payments with the tap of a...
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EU Plans to Hit Apple With Antitrust Charges Over Apple Pay

Wednesday October 6, 2021 7:26 am PDT by
The European Commission is planning to charge Apple with anticompetitive behavior with regards to Apple Pay, since it is the only payment service that can use the iPhone's Near-Field Communication (NFC) chip, Reuters reports. EU antitrust investigator Margrethe Vestager has been investigating ‌Apple Pay‌ since June last year, but the European Commission has since centered its focus on the...
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Australia Considers Case for Opening iPhone NFC Chip to Third Party Payment Systems

Monday July 26, 2021 5:33 am PDT by
Apple on Monday responded to questions from Australia's parliament about its third-party access approach to the NFC chip in its iPhones, following claims that its Apple Pay system is stifling innovation in the contactless payment technology space. The Parliamentary Joint Committee on Corporations and Financial Services heard for-and-against arguments from Apple, Google, and others relating...
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AirTags Work as an NFC Trigger for Apple Shortcuts

Monday May 17, 2021 7:16 am PDT by
The AirTag's built-in NFC coil can be used by the Apple Shortcuts app to trigger automations, it has been found. The functionality, noticed by iCulture, allows users to trigger Shortcuts by simply tapping the top of their iPhone on the white plastic side of the ‌AirTag‌. As Shortcuts are completely user-configurable, and can be used to initiate an almost infinite number of actions, the fact...
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New NFC Specification Will Let Smartphones Charge Small Devices

Friday May 8, 2020 10:46 am PDT by
A new NFC specification announced this week by the NFC Froum will allow future NFC enabled devices to offer wireless charging capabilities, which means a smartphone could be used to charge a small accessory like headphones. According to the NFC Forum, the Wireless Charging Specification (WLC) will allow smartphones or other NFC charging devices to wirelessly charge small, battery-powered...
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Germany Says iPhones Running iOS 13 Will Be Able to Read NFC Tags in National ID Cards and Passports

Monday June 17, 2019 2:04 am PDT by
When iOS 13 arrives, iPhones will be able to read a wider range of Near Field Communication (NFC) tags, including the NFC tags often used in official documentation. Last week, The Verge reported that Japan had confirmed its national identity cards would support iPhone through a government-developed app, and now we're hearing that German authorities are also gearing up to make several forms of ID...
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iOS 12 to Allow iPhones to Unlock Doors Via NFC

Saturday May 26, 2018 9:56 am PDT by
Apple is expected to expand the NFC capabilities of its iPhones beyond mobile payments, allowing users to securely unlock doors equipped with the technology, according to The Information. The company is said to be planning to announce the new functionality "next month," suggesting it will come at WWDC as part of the iOS 12 unveiling. The change to the near-field communication, or NFC, chip,...
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Wells Fargo Adds Apple Pay Support to More Than 5,000 ATMs

Tuesday October 10, 2017 5:18 am PDT by
Wells Fargo today announced that NFC functionality is now available at more than 5,000 of its ATMs across the United States. The technology enables customers to initiate an ATM transaction by holding their smartphone or wearable device with mobile payment functionality near an NFC-enabled ATM terminal and inputting their PIN. Supported digital wallets include Apple Pay, Android Pay,...

iOS 11's New NFC Feature Being Tested for Contactless Entry to MLB Games

Monday October 2, 2017 12:08 pm PDT by
iOS 11 gives developers access to the NFC chip in Apple's most recent iPhone models for the first time, allowing for apps that are able to read NFC tags in places like museums and retail stores. The MLB today announced that the Oakland Athletics have tested a new ticketing feature that takes advantage of NFC, letting users enter the stadium by tapping an iPhone to a ticket scanner, much like...
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iOS 11 Will Expand Your iPhone's NFC Capabilities Beyond Apple Pay in Several Ways

Friday July 14, 2017 7:30 am PDT by
Apple at WWDC 2017 last month introduced Core NFC, a new iOS 11 framework that enables apps to detect Near Field Communication tags. Similar to Apple Pay, iPhone users are prompted with a "Ready to Scan" dialog box. After holding the iPhone near an item with an NFC tag, a checkmark displays on screen if a product is detected. An app with Core NFC could then provide users with information...

Developer Access to iPhone's NFC Chip Coming in iOS 11

Wednesday June 7, 2017 3:06 am PDT by
Developers coding for iOS 11 will be able to create apps that can read NFC tags, opening the door for the wireless exchange of information between an iPhone and various connected devices in a user's environment. The NFC chip in the iPhone is currently only used to handle contactless Apple Pay transactions and Passbook check-ins, but a new framework detailed in a developer resource published...

Potential 'iPhone SE' Packaging Confirms 16GB Base Storage and NFC for Apple Pay

Thursday March 17, 2016 5:46 am PDT by
A new photo has surfaced on Chinese microblogging service Weibo that appears to confirm the "iPhone SE" name and that it will feature 16GB base storage. The alleged packaging also indicates the new 4-inch iPhone will have NFC, lending credence to multiple rumors claiming the device will support Apple Pay. MacRumors rendering of possible iPhone SE design based on rumors The packaging, which...
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Apple Now Selling Square's New NFC Reader for Apple Pay and Contactless Payments

Wednesday February 3, 2016 7:56 am PST by
Square has announced that its new NFC reader that enables small businesses to accept Apple Pay, Android Pay, and other contactless payments can now be purchased from Apple online or in U.S. stores for $49. The reader is compatible with NFC-equipped smartphones, including the iPhone 6 or newer, and contactless EMV chip debit and credit cards based on technologies like American Express...

Apple Joins NFC Forum to Work on Developing Future NFC Specifications

Wednesday August 12, 2015 10:01 am PDT by
Apple this week joined the NFC Forum as a sponsor member, earning itself a place on the NFC Forum board of directors, reports NFC World. The Near Field Communication (NFC) Forum is the group that works to develop NFC specifications to ensure interoperability between different devices and services. The team also encourages companies to develop products using the NFC Forum specifications and...