OLED iPad Pro Users Report 'Grainy' Displays, But It May Not Be a Defect

Some new M4 iPad Pro models are exhibiting a visible static grain pattern across the OLED display, according to several user reports on Reddit (1, 2, 3) and the MacRumors Forums.

oled m4 ipad pro grainy display reports

Image credit: MacRumors user bk215

Users who see the grain generally report that it is most noticeable in dark environments with the display set at a low to medium brightness while viewing content with gray or muted colors. Some have compared the effect to a photo taken on a high ISO setting that has visual noise.

Whether this is a genuine display defect is hard to say at this point. OLED displays in general can exhibit a visual grain or a "screen-door effect" due to several factors related to the design and manufacturing process.

The individual sub-pixels in OLED displays can vary in size and shape, contributing to an inconsistent, uneven texture or graininess. This is usually more noticeable on larger displays. Variations in the deposition of organic materials can also affect the uniformity of light emission.

OLED displays also control brightness at the pixel level, and power management techniques can lead to minor variations in brightness across the screen. This is sometimes noticeable as a grainy effect, particularly in low-light conditions or when displaying uniform colors.

Notably, there were similar reports of grainy screens on Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra smartphones.

Samsung supplies the displays for Apple's 11-inch M4 iPad Pro model, while LG Display supplies the panels for the 13-inch model. According to a March report out of Korea, Samsung faced poor yields of the 11-inch panels, and was unable to meet Apple's order quantity. The shortfall led Apple to transfer some orders for the smaller panel to LG Display.

grain effect oled ipad pro

So far most reports relate to the 11-inch iPad Pro, but there are one or two that reference the 13-inch model, so it is unclear if the potential defect – if it is indeed one – is specific to one OLED panel supplier. The reports appear to be limited to new iPad Pro models with the Standard glass option. Apple's latest iPad Pro models are also available with a matte nano-texture display option for 1TB and 2TB storage configurations at an additional cost of $100.

Note that these reports are unrelated to a known issue we covered earlier in the week that involved blown-out colors when viewing certain HDR content on M4 iPad Pro models.

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fwmireault Avatar
5 weeks ago
Well, now we know what this forum will talk about in the next two years
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Logic368 Avatar
5 weeks ago
I’m taking this with a grain of salt.
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Onelifenofear Avatar
5 weeks ago
OK... so this is the same as the Samsung Ultra issue. The sub pixels RGB are not uniformly dimming.

As you dim them down... the Reds dim more to black then the Greens and the Blue, which are still quite bright so you are seeing those more than the R+Gs creating a pattern.

SOME oled TV's will do the same if you have at at below 40% Brightness.

It's fixable via firmware. It will be the Software > Screen Driver needing tuning for the different screens. Not a big deal I am sure... but let's see how much fist waving and huffing and puffing appears online.

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BootLoxes Avatar
5 weeks ago
You're looking at it wrong!
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MathersMahmood Avatar
5 weeks ago
That looks terrible and unacceptable. That is distracting.
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TracerAnalog Avatar
5 weeks ago
No grain in my iPad. Not saying the issue isn’t real, but the provided picture means nothing. It is typically what you see if you take a picture of an OLED/LCD screen with your phone. It’s a moire effect caused by the resolution of the camera sensor versus the resolution of the screen.

/edit: I saw some better pictures without moire and indeed saw the graininess. It sucks, but I’m pretty sure Apple will replace your iPad for a new one if that happened to you.
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