Project Alaska: Apple's Second-Generation Vision Pro Headset

Over the last several months, we've heard reports that Apple is working on a second-generation AR/VR headset, although there have been few details shared about the device. MacRumors has now received new information about the project, giving us some insight into the design and hardware of the successor to the Vision Pro.

Apple Vision Pro with battery Feature Orange
The second-generation Apple Vision Pro headset, known internally under the codename Project Alaska and device identifier N109, bears striking resemblance to the first-generation Vision Pro announced at WWDC 2023. While the device maintains the curved aesthetic and button placement of the first Vision Pro, the speaker placement is expected to be different.

Early designs of the second-generation Apple headset do not include the rounded areas that house the speakers on the first-generation model. Instead, the headset features temples that are flat and uniform throughout their entire length. Documentation related to the Alaska project contains references to a non-descript audio accessory, possibly an external speaker. At one point in development, there were two different design configurations for the top vents – one being the same as the vents on the first-generation ‌Apple Vision Pro‌, and the latter featuring two clusters of tiny speaker-type holes.

Another key difference has to do with the rear straps. The second-generation headset features straps that are simpler in design and appearance, being somewhat reminiscent of the flat straps commonly found on laptop bags or backpacks. Prior rumors have suggested that the next Apple headset could be cheaper than the Vision Pro, and the design of the rear straps on the second-generation headset lends some credence to this theory. More streamlined straps would presumably be easier to mass produce, perhaps resulting in a lower overall price for end consumers.

Along with the possibility of an audio accessory, information from our sources suggests that Apple has plans for an external battery pack, similar to the battery pack used for the first-generation ‌Apple Vision Pro‌.

In terms of hardware, the second-generation Vision Pro will continue to include an array of cameras and sensors similar to those in the first headset. To be more specific, the device will feature a compass, ambient light sensor, magnetometer, and gyroscope, all of which are already present in the iPhone. For connectivity, the second generation Apple headset will support Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 5, and ultra-low latency audio (ULLA).

Key hardware components of the second-generation Apple headset:

  • 2 micro-OLED displays
  • 1 TrueDepth camera
  • 4 computer vision (CV) cameras
  • 2 RGB cameras
  • 2 low light infrared illuminators
  • Semi-automatic interpupillary distance (IPD) adjustment
  • Compass, ambient light sensor, magnetometer, accelerometer, gyrocope

Current information indicates that the second-generation Apple headset is scheduled for the product validation testing (PVT) stage of development in 2025, suggesting a release date of late 2025 or early 2026. The information we've shared comes from a reliable source that has provided us with details about Apple's plans in the past, but it is worth noting that this is pre-production information and Apple's plans could change before final mass production begins on the second-generation headset.

For more information on the current ‌Apple Vision Pro‌, check out our dedicated Vision Pro roundup.

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Top Rated Comments

t0rqx Avatar
3 weeks ago
Just cancelled my preorder to wait for 2nd gen.
Score: 45 Votes (Like | Disagree)
Spanky Deluxe Avatar
3 weeks ago
V2 will be the one to buy. It's the same for every Apple product. The first gen is effectively a public beta test where they learn the most from how people are using their products. Gen 2 is where they implement all that they've learned and finally have a true 'finished' product. Support for the first generation is always much much shorter than for subsequent ones. It's been this way with iPhones, iPads and Watches and is just the way that Apple functions.

If you *can* wait for the second gen, you'll get a much better and much longer lived product. Of course, then you won't have the new shiny for a whole generation and those first gen adopters are what fuel further products so there's nothing wrong with buying the first gen and there's a good chance I'll be among them.

I think realistically, we'll likely get an interesting Gen 1 product and then a truly impressive Gen 2 product as well as a really good lower priced 'consumer' product that itself is better than the Gen 1 headset in almost every way.
Score: 14 Votes (Like | Disagree)
ryan102 Avatar
3 weeks ago
"bears striking resemblance to the first-generation Vision Pro"

That sounds like Apple alright
Score: 13 Votes (Like | Disagree)
squirrelist Avatar
3 weeks ago

Why do people think the headset will get cheaper each version? Apple does on occasion drop the price a bit year-over-year for a line of hardware, yes. Then some years raise the price at the reasoning of giving you even more performance. If you're holding out for a $500 headset, it will NEVER be this flagship series. Apple will need to come out with something simpler. I think that's a long way off yet. It's going to be an elite priced product for a while.
Apple has a history of charging a lot for the first gen of a product line and then dropping it with a later revision. The first MacBook Air was $1,799 starting. Within two years it dropped to $999. iPhone was $599 (which dropped to $399 a couple of months later) but the iPhone 3G started at $199 (note that this doesn't compare with modern phone pricing which uses loans instead of carrier subsidies). The first Apple Watch (aka Series 0) had a starting point of $349 and the Series 1 dropped to $269. The original Apple TV was $299 and the second-gen was $99.
Score: 12 Votes (Like | Disagree)
madmin Avatar
3 weeks ago
Looking forward to the third-generation with the pear-shaped battery pack with haptic feedback
Score: 10 Votes (Like | Disagree)
3 weeks ago

"bears striking resemblance to the first-generation Vision Pro"

That sounds like Apple alright
That was an odd statement regardless. Second-generation products usually don’t change their design drastically. Striking resemblance in this context is an oxymoron.
Score: 9 Votes (Like | Disagree)

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