2023 HomePod Coming Soon to Apple's Refurbished Store for $249

Apple today added the second-generation HomePod to its refurbished store in the U.S., but it is not yet possible to place an order. The refurbished models will be available in Midnight or White for $249, compared to $299 brand new.

HomePod 2 White and Midnight Feature Blue Orange
Apple says certified refurbished HomePods undergo full functionality testing, and are inspected, cleaned, and repackaged in a plain white box with the power cord and documentation. The refurbished HomePods are covered by Apple's limited one-year warranty policy and are eligible for extended AppleCare+ coverage.

Introduced in January 2023, the second-generation HomePod has a similar design as the full-size HomePod that was discontinued in 2021, but with a larger backlit touch surface and some internal changes, including two fewer tweeters and two fewer microphones compared to the original. The second-generation HomePod also features the S7 chip like the Apple Watch Series 7 for "more advanced computational audio," a U1 chip for handing off audio from an iPhone, and an indoor temperature and humidity sensor.

It's unclear exactly when the refurbished HomePods will be available, but orders will likely start to be accepted at any point in the next few weeks.

(Thanks, Ryan Gregg!)

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GMShadow Avatar
3 weeks ago

We can safely say it flopped like the previous model. Unsurprisingly.
Yes, every product in the refurb store is a product that flopped.
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phenste Avatar
3 weeks ago

We can safely say it flopped like the previous model. Unsurprisingly.
based on…what, exactly?

Not even half way into the year..
the M2 MBPs were introduced a month before 2nd-gen HomePods and are also available refurb as of less than two weeks ago


I literally do not understand the dogpiling on this product around MR—haven’t since first-gen and still don’t
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currocj Avatar
3 weeks ago
$199 is the sweet spot
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AppleFan1179 Avatar
3 weeks ago

Not having 3.5mm port and sole dependency on Apple ecosystem makes people think twice if they want to keep it for the long run.

No one wants to own such an expensive speakers knowing it could be rendered useless once it’s put on Apple’s obsolete product list, when everything else, computers are upgraded to latest software/OS version that no longer support obsolete speakers
I find the exact opposite. I have a Pioneer A4 that sounds fantastic, and has a 3.5mm jack, and I never user it. It just sits powered off on the shelf while all my 1st gen homepods see heavy daily use. I think you are holding on a little too tight to that headphone jack, most people just don’t use them anymore, and I’d be willing to bet a pair of new HomePods if you went to your local Apple Store and asked people if a 3.5mm jack is a deal breaker or not, 75% of them would have no idea what you are talking about.
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Mike MA Avatar
3 weeks ago
If only Siri could be refurbished too…
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cocky jeremy Avatar
3 weeks ago

We can safely say it flopped like the previous model. Unsurprisingly.
How can we safely say that? There's no data about how many were sold, how many were returned, etc.
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