Apple Reportedly Still Planning High-End and Low-End Versions of Second-Generation Headset in 2025

Apple's second-generation AR/VR headset will be offered in high-end and low-end versions and shipments are expected to be around ten times those of the first generation model, according to Apple industry analyst Ming-Chi Kuo.

apple headset lens render by marcus kane

Concept render by Marcus Kane

Multiple rumors have indicated that Apple's first AR/VR headset coming later this year will be priced somewhere around $3,000 and will be positioned as a device for developers, content creators, and professionals. Apple expects to sell just one headset per day per retail store, and the company has told suppliers that it expects sales of seven to 10 million units during the first year of availability.

The expensive price point is due to the high-end hardware that Apple is using, but the company reportedly wants to make a future version more affordable by using less pricey components such as lower-resolution lenses.

That could see Apple offer a two-tiered series of the second-generation device to appeal to a wider customer base, similar to the way it offers both standard and more premium Pro-branded iPhones each year.

The company's plans to release a cheaper version were first reported by The Information's Wayne Ma and Bloomberg's Mark Gurman earlier this year, but the assertion that it will be one of two second-generation models is a more specific claim attributed to Kuo.

According to one report, Apple's manufacturing partner Foxconn is already developing a cheaper second-generation version of the headset, but it is still believed to be in the early stages. Gurman has said the second-generation headset could arrive in 2024 or 2025, whereas Kuo's sources suggest to him that a 2025 release is more likely.

The first generation model of Apple's mixed reality headset is expected to be announced during Apple's WWDC opening keynote on Monday, June 5.

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DarthDon Avatar
2 weeks ago

Pro Ultra.
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mooger83 Avatar
2 weeks ago
Let all the negative Nancys whine all they want.

Apple has the largest market cap in the world > $3 TRILLION and over $200 Billion in cash. I love that they are taking swings at cutting edge new products. If it fails, whatever; who cares... At least they’re playing offense instead of just rolling out predictable, boring iterations of the iPhone and their Mac line year after year. ?

And to the haters - the good news is that no one is forcing you to buy any new Apple products! ?
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DrJR Avatar
2 weeks ago
This is going to be a massive flop. In a market TIMING is everything and this isn't the time. That is my guess. Nobody cares about AR/VR when credit card debt is at an all time high, interest rates are climbing and the economy is fundamentally crumbling, while everyone is whistling in the dark with denial. People are making payments on PHONES. It is so bad Apple has to convince customers it is a good idea to connect savings to credit accounts (so they bolster balance sheet, you are enticed into offering voluntary collateral for either your debt or others).
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MayaUser Avatar
2 weeks ago
what about a mid range?
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JapanApple Avatar
2 weeks ago
ENOUGH OF THESE KUO RUMORS! I believe nothing until I see the price and design. Waste of time
Score: 4 Votes (Like | Disagree)
genovelle Avatar
2 weeks ago
These sales numbers don’t add up. There are 525 stores worldwide, so 1 per day per store is about 191,000 units in the first year. Yet, the claim is that they expect sales of 7-10 million units in the first year. That’s 40-50 times the other number.
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