Apple Releases Updated MagSafe Charger Firmware

Apple today released new firmware designed for the MagSafe Charger that is compatible with the iPhone 12 and later and the latest AirPods and Apple Watch models. The updated firmware is version 10M3761, up from the prior 10M1821 firmware. In the Settings app, you'll see a different version number than the firmware number, with the update displayed as version 258.0.0 (the prior firmware was 255.0.0).

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The ‌MagSafe‌ Charger was initially released in the fall of 2020 alongside the ‌iPhone 12‌ models, and this is the fourth firmware update that Apple has provided since the accessory launched.

Because firmware updates are released quietly over the air, Apple does not provide release notes. We do not know what new features or bug fixes might be included in the software.

There is no clear method for updating a ‌‌MagSafe‌‌ charger's firmware, but it needs to be plugged in and connected to an Apple device for a firmware update to initiate. You can check your ‌‌MagSafe‌‌ Charger's firmware by following the instructions in our MagSafe Charger how to.

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antiprotest Avatar
5 weeks ago
Still no firmware update for my Apple cloth.
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TheYayAreaLiving ?️ Avatar
5 weeks ago

Still no firmware update for my Apple cloth.
You have to wait until Apple Mac Pro Wheels Kit gets a firmware update first. ?

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appleguy123 Avatar
5 weeks ago
Plug the MagSafe into a Mac and it will update very fast.
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Mr. Donahue Avatar
5 weeks ago
I’m convinced firmware updates are nothing more than apple relaying data on how you use your product back to HQ.
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TheYayAreaLiving ?️ Avatar
5 weeks ago
Just another update added to the list. Still waiting for a Fireware update for MagSafe to USC-C adapter charging cable.

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Böhme417 Avatar
5 weeks ago

What could possibly need updating? It just changes that’s it, what bugs has anyone had with it lol
You say that, but a firmware update to this and the MagSafe battery pack kept my phone from heating up so much when in use. I don't know if they slightly slowed the charging rate or did something else to modulate the charging when the temp went up, but it worked.
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