General Motors to Phase Out Apple CarPlay Starting This Year in EV Transition

General Motors (GM) will phase out Apple CarPlay and Android Auto in its vehicles starting this year, shifting to a built-in infotainment system co-developed with Google (via Reuters).

CarPlay Phone Call
GM owns Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, and GMC in the United States. It will stop offering Apple ‌CarPlay‌ and Android Auto starting with the 2024 Chevrolet Blazer, which goes on sale this summer. The company plans to continue offering Apple ‌CarPlay‌ and Android Auto in its combustion models, which are expected to be phased out by 2035 in favor of electric vehicles. Owners of existing GM cars that currently have Apple ‌CarPlay‌ and Android Auto will be able to continue using the systems.

GM has worked on infotainment software with Google since 2019 that tightly integrates with other vehicle systems such as navigation and GM's Super Cruise driver assistant. Future GM infotainment systems will offer applications such as Spotify and Audible, and iPhone users will still be able to listen to music and make phone calls using Bluetooth. EV buyers will also get access to Google Maps and Google Assistant at no extra cost for a period of eight years.

The move is expected to help the automaker gather more data about how consumers drive and accelerate a strategy to incentivize vehicle-related digital subscription services. Notably, GM was not included in Apple's list of automakers that plan to offer the next-generation CarPlay experience.

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jmh600cbr Avatar
9 weeks ago
Loooool good luck. Enjoy selling less cars.
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Butler Trumpet Avatar
9 weeks ago
If I ever needed more reason to not buy GM and stick with Honda.... I have it now.
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ikir Avatar
9 weeks ago
I would never buy a car without CarPlay it is quite essential for my daily use.
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1BadManVan Avatar
9 weeks ago
That seems like a pretty stupid move
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dillacom Avatar
9 weeks ago
well I guess my next truck will be something else.....
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jermy4 Avatar
9 weeks ago
CarPlay and android auto is a must have for buyers, they're shooting themselves in the foot here.
Score: 92 Votes (Like | Disagree)