Apple Pay Later Launching 'Soon'

The Apple Pay Later service that Apple has in the works is set to launch "soon," Apple CEO Tim Cook told CNBC ahead of today's earnings call for the first fiscal quarter of 2023.

Apple Pay Later Quick Green Feature
Cook said that Apple employees are beta testing the ‌Apple Pay‌ Later feature, which will help Apple boost services revenue. "It will be launching soon," Cook said.

‌Apple Pay‌ Later was first previewed at the Worldwide Developers Conference in June. It is similar to the buy now, pay later feature offered by PayPal, and it is designed to allow users to make multiple payments for their purchases.

With ‌Apple Pay‌ Later, a purchase can be split into four payments that can be made over the course of six weeks, and the option will be available where ‌Apple Pay‌ is accepted. Payments will be managed through the Wallet app.

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Cyberius11 Avatar
17 weeks ago
Can't wait to split my eggs into multiple payments.
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ppjones Avatar
17 weeks ago
eagerly awaiting Apple - Buy Now, Pay Never
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WilliApple Avatar
17 weeks ago
I bet this feature will unfortunately put a lot of people in debt.

Someone could easily pay $166 for a MacBook once, and not have the remaining $833 after.
Wonder how Apple will combat this, or if Apple is going to make people be in debt or something.
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rorschach Avatar
17 weeks ago
I wish they would wait until things are ready (or very close to being ready) before announcing them. They’ve always had things that got delayed or announced early, but it feels like it’s happening more and more often. This. Apple Music Classical. The Apple Card savings account. Web notifications on iOS. And those are JUST features from this release cycle.
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v0lume4 Avatar
17 weeks ago
As bad as many people are with financial management, the last thing they need is yet another way to defer payments to a later date. We already have loans for cars and houses, credit cards, etc etc.

Since we're on the topic, how is this not basically a credit card? Sounds basically the same, except you have set payment dates instead of being able to "postpone" them indefinitely with a minimum payment (a la credit cards).
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fatTribble Avatar
17 weeks ago
I’m waiting for the savings account! So I can start saving for new Apple products! ?
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