Adobe After Effects Updated With Native Apple Silicon Support, Up to 3x Faster Speeds Than High-End iMac Pro

Adobe has updated its professional video editing software After Effects with native M1 support, offering customers up to 3x faster render speeds on Apple's latest Macs compared to high-end Macs with Intel processors.

On M1 computers, Adobe promises up to 2x faster performance in rendering and general app responsiveness. On M1 Ultra, Apple's most high-end chip found in the Mac Studio, Adobe says After Effects will be up to 3x faster for video editors. One specific way Adobe has optimized After Effects is with multi-frame rendering, which utilizes all available cores on Apple silicon to provide a playback experience that's up to 4x faster than a high-end iMac Pro with a 10-core Intel Xeon processor.

adobe after effects m1 chart
The newest version of After Effects will be rolling out to users in the coming days. Adobe also announced several other new features for After Effects and Premiere Pro such as Scene Edit Detection, Auto Color powered by AI, and more.

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djcerla Avatar
15 months ago
Some YouTubers returned their Studios a bit too early, it seems.
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tubular Avatar
15 months ago

When Adobe puts out videos with words like "s i l i c i o n" on the freaking THUMBNAIL frame, I'm not confident about their attention to detail...
Maybe that's why it took so long -- they accidentally ported AE to Apple Silicion first, and then had to go back and port it to Apple Silicon.
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Notfroggy Avatar
15 months ago
So many benchmarks seem to have had the goal of painting the Apple Silicon Macs in a bad light - usually through disingenuous tactics. I have seen many benchmarks optimised for non-apple API's (openGL anyone?) or comparing non-hardware accelerated against hardware accelerated. for example Handbrake encoding on Intel by default uses hardware acceleration, I have seen benchmarks comparing software rendering on M1 against hardware rendering on Intel/Windows. So much murky stuff designed to confirm a conclusion.
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CoastalMaineBird Avatar
15 months ago
When Adobe puts out videos with words like "s i l i c i o n" on the freaking THUMBNAIL frame, I'm not confident about their attention to detail...
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MauiPa Avatar
15 months ago
I guess when all those “experts” used adobe for benchmarking, and we commented they didn’t know what they were talking about because adobe wasn’t optimized. Well, we were right, those benchmarks were crap
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blazerunner Avatar
15 months ago
Anyone else wish Adobe just rewrote all their apps from the ground up? Illustrator, Photoshop and Indesign all run as if they've just been running the same code since PowerPC days...
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