Deals: Apple's 24-Inch iMac Hits New Low Price of $1,199 ($100 Off)

Amazon today has a pair of all-time low deals on Apple's 24-inch iMac, starting with the entry-level 7-core GPU/256GB model in Green for $1,199.00, down from $1,299.00. This $100 off sale is only available in Green, and it's currently in stock and ready to ship from Amazon.

imac color optionsNote: MacRumors is an affiliate partner with some of these vendors. When you click a link and make a purchase, we may receive a small payment, which helps us keep the site running.

Amazon's sale represents a new record low price for this model of the 24-inch M1 iMac, beating the previous low by about $30. It's currently the only major Apple reseller offering the 24-inch iMac at this price.

You can also still save on the 8-core GPU/256GB 24-inch iMac, priced at $1,349.99, down from $1,499.00. This one is available in Blue, Orange, and Yellow, and you'll need to wait to see the final sale price in your cart, after an automatic coupon is applied to the order.

Final price includes $100 taken off at checkout.

Similar to the entry-level M1 iMac, this sale is an all-time low price on this model. It's shipped and sold directly from Amazon, with delivery available for February 18-21 for most colors.

You can keep track of ongoing sales on Apple's iMac line by visiting our Best iMac Deals guide. There, we keep track of the best iMac offers from Amazon, Adorama, B&H Photo, and other retailers, so be sure to check back often if you're shopping for an iMac for the first time, or thinking of upgrading.

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now i see it Avatar
17 months ago
Good deal considering what you used to get for that price…

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Circa1984 Avatar
17 months ago
Many, many years ago I was in line at an electronics store and the guy in front of me was returning his Mac. Being a fan boy I asked him why? And his reply was, "I spent a lot of money on this computer, more than any PC ... when I started it up, within hours I was getting 'out of memory errors' ... I'm not dealing with that shxt" He bought an entry level Mac (still very expensive) and Apple cheated him on the RAM needed to even run well on day 1!

Fast forward to 2022 ... Apple's base models solely exist to be able to claim 'Prices start at $xxxx', Apple continues to use this strategy, cheating people on RAM and storage (they took three years too many to finally get rid of their cheap to procure spinning hard drives!) Maybe one day all Macs will have no less than the RAM and storage needed for a great user experience (IMO Today's minimum should be 16GB of RAM and 512GB drives) ... especially since on chip RAM is vastly cheaper to make ... and users can no longer upgrade it!
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Mr. Dee Avatar
17 months ago
Why can’t they just default to 512 GBs?
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Razorpit Avatar
17 months ago

That’s a pretty good deal. I would go for the 8 core GPU model if you’re doing anything more than web browsing and office docs because it has an upgraded cooling system, Touch ID, Ethernet jack and a probably a few other things I can’t remember.

Edit: I’m not sure if it’s a mistake with the article or Amazon is being weird but the 8 core GPU model that’s listed in the article for $1349.99 is showing up on Amazon when I click that link as $1449.99. That would be $100 more.
Because Bezos knows you want it. ?
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upthetoffees Avatar
17 months ago
I tell you what, if the ipad 27" ends up also being an ipad on a stick, I'm done with all this. The last thing I want. I don't like the colours of the 24", or the design, one bit, but then it's probably not made for me. I hope it's more like the 27 imac pro or current 27 but with better heat handling.
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reyesmac Avatar
17 months ago
I've used Macs for a real long time and I'm just never satisfied with base configuration Macs. Not because they can't do anything when you buy them, thats the only time they really shine. Once you get a few OS updates and have all your programs in them and try to do real work on them instead of content consumption regularly, they start to show their age pretty quick. And the low drive space means you could run out of space long before the computer is no longer useful.

Max ram and larger drivers are the best way to future proof your investment but Apple made that more difficult by forcing you to pay them instead of pay as you go.

If you spec all the imacs (they all come with 8gb ram) to 16gb ram and 512gb drive, this is what the prices look like.

NEW IMAC w/less ports $1,700

NEW IMAC $1,900

IMAC 27in i5 $2,200

IMAC 27 i7 $2,500

IMAC 27 i9 $2,900

New iMacs on sale are a good deal for now but you are better off selling it after the next model comes out and getting the newer model than keeping a machine with base specs long term now that its impossible to upgrade the internals.
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