Deals: Apple's 256GB 13-Inch M1 MacBook Pro on Sale for $1,149.99 ($149 Off)

Amazon today has Apple's 256GB 13-inch M1 MacBook Pro for $1,149.99, down from $1,299.00. As of writing, the notebook is in stock but with a slight shipping delay; it's currently estimated to be delivered between January 18 and 22.

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Compared to past deals, this is a second-best price on this model of the 13-inch M1 MacBook Pro, and it's available in both Space Gray and Silver. This model of the MacBook Pro has the Touch Bar and larger bezels.

If you're looking for a little more storage, you can also get the 512GB model for $1,299.99, down from $1,499.00. This is another second-best price that's available in both colors on Amazon.

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Top Rated Comments

raindogg Avatar
18 months ago
The 13" MacBook Pro should just be called the "MacBook" and it should be priced at $900. It's not even close to the new Pro and Max.

This would also leave room for the new M2 Air as the mid range just like the iPads.
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heifetz7 Avatar
18 months ago
This Macbook Pro is arguably worse than the Macbook Air - it has the touchbar, but otherwise, pretty much the same components - CPU, Display.

An updated Macbook Air would be the sweetspot. I don't need all of the features of the macbook pro 14", but would like to have a cheaper 14" with a M1 or M2 that is more powerful then the current Macbook Air.
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ilikewhey Avatar
18 months ago
1200 bucks and still 8gb ram ?
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BSoares Avatar
18 months ago

Curious, is 8 GB a good minimum for MacOS this day in age? Otherwise, I'm guessing any power user will want 16 GB minimum?
For the basic user and with this M1 processor it’s ok today but no one should be getting the minimum, especially on a computer you can’t upgrade at all. They should just make 16GB the base.
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rocketpig Avatar
18 months ago
IMO, the 13” MBP is the worst value in the Apple Silicon lineup. Hopefully the refresh puts it more in line as a mid-range machine between the Air and the 14” MBP.

Personally. I think a more interesting alternative is to discontinue that model and replace it with a 14-15” Air at roughly the same price point. I’d buy that machine in a heartbeat.
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cocoua Avatar
18 months ago
256GB Mac is like a 64GB iPhone, it would work out of the box, but in a few weeks it will be suffocated with no option but trash as SSD is not replaceable.

if you need the mac just for web or email, please make yourself a favor and buy and iPhone, an iPAd or any Android option of your choice.

Any software nowadays installs at least double data of its own size, and cache size are huge.

just check any "application support" folder or any cache folder in any computer.

I'm not saying you are using a 256GB mac for install any Adobe software of course, but just think how large programs are today, around 3GB, plus all the swap memory MacOS is going to use, plus 8GB of free SSD space just for the RAM when sleeping, plus SSD needs free space to work at decent speeds, ETC.
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