Apple to Announce Q1 2022 Earnings on January 27

Apple today updated its investor relations page to announce that earnings for the first fiscal quarter of 2022 (fourth calendar quarter) will be shared on Thursday, January 27.

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The first quarter earnings call will give us insight into sales of the iPhone 13 models, AirPods 3, M1 Pro and Max MacBooks, and other devices during the holiday quarter that ended in December. Apple CEO Tim Cook last quarter said that supply constraints caused by chip shortages had cost Apple $6 billion, and the chip shortages and supply issues are also expected to impact Apple's first quarter earnings results.

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In the first quarter of 2021, Apple reported record earnings of $111.4 billion revenue and net quarterly profit of $28.8 billion. Apple once again declined to provide guidance for the first fiscal quarter of 2022.

The quarterly earnings statement will be released at 1:30 PM Pacific/4:30 PM Eastern, with a conference call to discuss the report taking place at 2:00 PM Pacific/5:00 PM Eastern. MacRumors will provide coverage of both the earnings release and conference call on January 27.

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TheYayAreaLiving ?️ Avatar
19 months ago
Can't wait for the stocks go up even more. Apple is winning.
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applicious84 Avatar
19 months ago
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44267547 Avatar
19 months ago

I can't wait to hear everyone cheer for the richest corporation ever first. I’ll start early.

Pretty impressive what they were able to pull off being a $3 trillion company in the midst of a global crisis. Don’t ya think?

Personally, I would rather read the cheering -versus- the typical irate-whiny-bitter-people complaining and stomping “Why does Tim Crook still have a job..” given that Apple is in a good spot right now with stock value and the overall company standing.
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centauratlas Avatar
19 months ago

From 1997 when Steve Jobs rejoined Apple until he passed in 2011, Apple grew 100x.

The 10-20x since Tim Cook took over is a lot less impressive.

Although a fun fact about Jobs's wealth is that it mostly didn't come from Apple, but Disney. When he sold Pixar to Disney, he became Disney's largest shareholder, with 8% of the company. When he passed, those shares went into a trust... it appears that they sold over half of it at some point, because the trust isn't in the top three organizations holding Disney right now (currently Vanguard has 8%, Black Rock has 6%, and State Street has 4%.)
The SEC disclosures showed that Laurene Powell Jobs (his widow who was the beneficial owner of the trust) sold between 12/31/2015 and 12/31/2016 the stake had been cut in about half to under 5% so, iirc, after that she didn't have to disclose it any more.
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DocMultimedia Avatar
19 months ago
Bring home the bacon, fry it up in a pan!
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neuropsychguy Avatar
19 months ago

I can't wait to hear everyone cheer for the richest corporation ever
As a (small) Apple shareholder, I will cheer. Not out loud but I might smile a little.

While I own a few thousand dollars of shares, I also have a retirement account and mutual funds that include Apple shares. When Apple does well, my retirement looks better.
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