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Apple Confirms Dashboard is Going Away After 14 Years

Apple has removed Dashboard support from WebKit, not long after it was discovered that the feature has been completely dropped in macOS Catalina, according to a changelog spotted by Japanese blog Mac Otakara.

While this news is not entirely surprising, it eliminates any slim hope that Dashboard might have returned in a future beta of macOS Catalina. The feature has already been disabled by default since OS X Yosemite, but it can still be manually enabled within Mission Control in System Preferences as of macOS Mojave.

Dashboard, first introduced in OS X Tiger in 2005, was effectively a secondary desktop on the Mac that housed a variety of customizable widgets, ranging from sticky notes and the weather forecast to a clock and a calculator. These widgets have relied on Safari's open source WebKit engine for rendering.

Dashboard appears to remain functional in macOS Mojave for now, although it is clearly a legacy feature and some widgets do not work. After over 14 years, the feature is about to ride off into the sunset for good.

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6 days ago at 06:02 am
It’s a useful resource. I still use it all the time.
Rating: 58 Votes
6 days ago at 05:52 am
Honestly I forgot it was even still there.
Rating: 53 Votes
6 days ago at 06:01 am

Steve demoing Dashboard for the first time in 2005.


It's kind of odd to think that it was a precursor to Steve's iPhone vision. Originally, he intended for the iPhone to run web-apps rather than have an App Store, and Dashboard was a collection of glossy, skeuomorphic, web-apps with rounded rectangular icons and charming-but-cheesy animations.

Two years before we had this:

Rating: 43 Votes
6 days ago at 05:56 am
Steve demoing Dashboard for the first time in 2005.

Rating: 42 Votes
6 days ago at 05:58 am
Now just waiting to get rid go Launchpad
Rating: 33 Votes
6 days ago at 06:02 am
Very sad! I use it multiple times a day to quickly check on stocks, weathers, packages at a click of a side button on my mouse to have it slide in as an overlay and back out in seconds. Will be something that may make me hold back updating along with the quick editing features of QuickTime 7.
Rating: 23 Votes
6 days ago at 06:04 am
That's no good! I added a hot key so I can use the feature daily. It makes it so simple to access Calculator, Stickies, and Conversions. I even have it hooked up so I can control my Hue lights.

Hope they replace with something even better instead of dropping completely. :(
Rating: 17 Votes
6 days ago at 06:09 am

I never found a use for it. I still don't know what it's purpose was.

Information at a glance without needing to load an app, obviously.

I suspect you are also confused by what a notification centres purpose is.
Rating: 16 Votes
6 days ago at 06:02 am
For you Dashboard lovers out there, you can convert your current widgets to applications using the now unsupported Amnesty Singles utility. Just google it....
Rating: 14 Votes
6 days ago at 05:53 am
If this article wasn't made, I probably wouldn't have noticed lol
Rating: 14 Votes

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