Dashboard Feature Eliminated in macOS Catalina

Dashboard, a longtime Mac feature that Apple has been phasing out for the last few years, has been eliminated in macOS Catalina and it is no longer available for use.

The Dashboard option, first introduced in OS X 10.4 Tiger, used to be a prominent Mac feature, housing sticky notes, a weather interface, a clock, a calculator, and other customizable widgets.

It was disabled by default starting in macOS 10.10 Yosemite, and in the current version of macOS, Mojave, it's still disabled unless you seek it out, enabling it as part of Mission Control or adding it to the Dock.

In Catalina, there is no more Dashboard app at all, as pointed out by Appleosophy. It can't be enabled via Mission Control and there's no sign of it in the operating system, marking its official demise.

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8 months ago
Terrible decision. The Notification Center was never a good replacement for Dashboard. With one tap I can get a glance at the calendar, weather, time in different time zones, CPU/fan stats, and even an astronomy picture of the day. Simple, fluid, and not constrained to a thin strip of desktop space that requires me to scroll. I use it multiple times a day. So much so that I'm not sure I'll upgrade to Catalina if they've taken it out.
Rating: 72 Votes
8 months ago
Knew this was coming, but damn I still use Dashboard near daily. Can some awesome developer out there create a replacement?
Rating: 63 Votes
8 months ago
Honestly, feels like it makes sense. The Dashboard utilities feel so clunky now and I personally never use them anymore. Feels like the end of an era though.
Rating: 52 Votes
8 months ago
Nooo, my beloved glossy weather widget!
Rating: 49 Votes
8 months ago
I am still using it daily, have some nice widgets to convert money fast and different others. Shame, but I do see that coming. Notification bar widgets can replace Dashboard but scrolling down isn't fun.

*I don't get why some people are enthusiastic about this, even if they didn't use, did this little feature slowed down their ssd or something lol. Chill guys.
Rating: 42 Votes
8 months ago
Why are people happy this is gone?!

You didn't HAVE to use it.

However, if you DID use it often (like me), you are right to be upset.

Just one less differentiator keeping me from giving Windows a fair shake.

I want to stay with Apple, but they JUST. KEEP. REMOVING. THINGS. I. LOVE.

TBH, I'm not going ANYWHERE. There's STILL too much good stuff in Apple's camp. But man, these last few years have been a painful exercise in letting go.
Rating: 35 Votes
8 months ago
I'll miss it. It is handy for accessing some information quickly, such as the calendar.

EDIT: For those pointing out Notification Centre, that is something different.
Rating: 34 Votes
8 months ago
Will definitely be missed... I use the sticky notes for everything but I guess I'll have to switch over to stickies on the desktop. Tracking deliveries and countdowns were always nice too...

UPDATE: To anyone like me that uses the sticky notes - when you update to MacOS Catalina and you open stickies for the first time, it will auto import all of the sticky notes from your dashboard. No need to do this prior to updating!
Rating: 34 Votes
8 months ago
Holy crap that's still around? Last time I used dashboard was when I had an iBook G4
Rating: 21 Votes
8 months ago
I remember when I first experienced this in Snow Leopard, as a transparent fade into desktop view, how smooth and nice this was compared to the windows experience. It was a nice human touch that would sell a machine to a newbie.

Then Frontrow, that was really cool.

Less was more.

Now there is more. It's not the same in many respects.

Maybe someone will make an app to replace this. :)
Rating: 19 Votes

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