Leaked iOS 13 Screenshots Reveal Dark Mode, Revamped Reminders App, and Merged 'Find My' App

Just days ahead of Apple's annual Worldwide Developers Conference, 9to5Mac's Guilherme Rambo has shared what he says are legitimate iOS 13 screenshots, revealing the software update's rumored systemwide Dark Mode, revamped Reminders app, new merged "Find My" app, and more.

‌Dark Mode‌ can be enabled in the Settings app or in Control Center. On the home screen, the only noticeable change is the dock, which has a darker appearance. In apps, it appears that backgrounds will be true black under ‌Dark Mode‌, which should lead to battery savings on iPhones with OLED displays.

A redesigned Reminders app on iPad is shown with a large sidebar with separate categories for Today, Scheduled, All, and Flagged. This new layout was first reported by Bloomberg's Mark Gurman.

The report claims the new "‌Find My‌" app has a large map, a list of the user's family and friends, and a separate tab for the user's own devices. The new icon and additional screenshots can be seen over at 9to5Mac.

WWDC 2019 kicks off with Apple's opening keynote on Monday at 10 a.m. Pacific Time, where the company is widely expected to take the wraps off ‌iOS 13‌, macOS 10.15, watchOS 6, and tvOS 13. MacRumors will have full coverage of the event, including a live blog, so be sure to follow along next week.

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9 months ago

great redesign though

If iOS13 doesn't have a complete refresh and redesign after the lacklustre iOS12 I'll be so disappointed. The UI is plain and simply horrible. I cant believe we've had those ***** icons for 6 years from a company that is supposes to be world class when it comes to design.
Rating: 33 Votes
9 months ago
People complain about everything on this site. This is a quick look at 1 feature from iOS 13 and people's heads are exploding. Calm down and wait until next week to see all the features.
Rating: 27 Votes
9 months ago

not true i have everything in apples eco system and wouldn't switch but these boring updates are annoying me i don't care for dark mode not used it ever on any app or Mac i want simple things like remove annoying home bar and give me something fresh but nope just few minor updates like everything apple is doing now days

Your comment epitomises MacRumors. iOS 12 had a massive performance boost for older devices which is far more technically versed than changing a few icons. There's always stuff that can be improved, yes, but it's never as bad as people say.

Update the UI - people complain about form over function. "What about the days of Snow Leopard where performance was the only update? Steve would be rolling in his grave."

Update the performance - people complain that it looks the same. "What about the days of Leopard where they actually made differences to how the OS looked? Steve would be rolling in his grave."

Poor Jobs must have been spinning like a rotisserie chicken since 2011.
Rating: 23 Votes
9 months ago

It's not the only thing we wanted..

It's it about bloody time?

There is no functional problems with the home screen, so why change it? If they change it, you will get bored of the new one after 10 minutes, so either way it doesn't matter
Rating: 16 Votes
9 months ago
Apple: Only available on iPhone XI and XI Max
Rating: 13 Votes
9 months ago
i'm just happy it's actual black and not the blue/grey people keep going with.
Rating: 12 Votes
9 months ago
Pure black gives me a headache :(. I was hoping for dark gray. :(
Rating: 12 Votes
9 months ago

I was hoping they'd finally rethink the 12 year old app springboard and dock design, but nope. Exact same old, just with a coat of black.

I think their design team has taken an indefinite sabbatical and it's just MBA dropout product owners running the show.

iOS is the most well-known UI in the world. Instantly identifiable. Easy to use from toddlers to ninety olds. Why risk it?
Rating: 11 Votes
9 months ago

No home redesign?

Did Apple promise a home redesign?
Rating: 10 Votes
9 months ago

What is this dark mode hype about?! It rally don’t get it. iOS in dark just looks awful.

Hoped for a major redesign but it seems like it won’t happen.

If I may ask, what is wrong with the current design? Also, if you don't like dark mode, I have a simple solution.
Rating: 10 Votes

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