Adobe Warns Customers of Potential Legal Action for Using Older Versions of Creative Cloud Apps

Last week, Adobe announced that older versions of Creative Cloud apps such as Photoshop and Lightroom would no longer be available to its subscribers, and today, Adobe started sending out warning emails encouraging customers to update or potentially risk legal action.

Adobe today started sending out warning emails to customers who are using older versions of Creative Cloud apps, letting them know those older versions are no longer licensed.

"Please be aware that should you continue to use the discontinued version(s), you may be at risk of potential claims of infringement by third parties," warns the email.

Adobe goes on to suggest that customers upgrade to the latest versions of the Creative Cloud apps using the Creative Cloud Desktop application.

Adobe last week said that going forward, Creative Cloud members will only have direct download access to the two most recent major versions of Creative Cloud desktop applications rather than multiple earlier versions.
Focusing our efforts on the latest two major releases of Creative Cloud applications, which the vast majority of Adobe customers are already using, will further enable us to develop the features and functionality most requested by customers and ensure peak performance and benefits across Windows and Mac operating systems. Business customers in need of an older version of a Creative Cloud application should contact their IT Administrator to see if one is available.
In a statement to AppleInsider, Adobe said that it could not comment on the third-party infringement issue because it "concerns ongoing litigation."
Adobe recently discontinued certain older versions of Creative Cloud applications. Customers using those versions have been notified that they are no longer licensed to use them and were provided guidance on how to upgrade to the latest authorized versions.

Unfortunately, customers who continue to use or deploy older, unauthorized versions of Creative Cloud may face potential claims of infringement by third parties. We cannot comment on claims of third-party infringement, as it concerns ongoing litigation.
Adobe is in the midst of a lawsuit with Dolby and has accused Adobe of copyright infringement and breach of contract, which could be the reason why past versions of Creative Cloud apps are now restricted.

Each of the emails that are going out to customers are customized and will list the older versions of the apps that are still in use. Most users are likely to be unaffected by the change, but some who preferred to use older versions will likely need to update.

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9 months ago
This gets to the heart of the subscriptions model, control. A lack of ownership. Eff off.
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9 months ago
Adobe sent out an email to its Creative Cloud customers and here is what it said:
"$$$$$$$$$$ $$$$$$ $$$$$$$$ $$$$!$$$$!!$ $$$!!! $$$$$$$! $$$ $$$!!!! $$)!)!!!!$$$$$$."
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9 months ago
Don't ever use a subscription service for applications.

Bad joojoo.

And I might add..This is how far down the tubes Adobe has gone.
They used to be a good company.
Rating: 78 Votes
9 months ago
Pixelmator was the best money I spent in a while.
Rating: 53 Votes
9 months ago
I guess it's time to move on to Affinity.
Rating: 42 Votes
9 months ago
And people why wonder Adobe is the most pirated software in history.

The only reason why anyone would *need* to use Adobe is if their team/company already uses it.

Use these apps instead people.

Framer X

Rating: 34 Votes
9 months ago
This will be a fun thread to read. Glad I went to CaptureOne last year.
Rating: 33 Votes
9 months ago
It’s a shame. Adobe Lightroom was THE organization and light editing program for professional photographers. But lately it seems to get buggier and buggier while at the same time their subscription plan is stupid. If you cancel your subscription say half way through a year of subscription they charge you 50% I think of what you would have to pay for the rest of the year. Also they will just renew your subscription without any notice when it is that time. If you want to cancel and not pay a cancellation fee then you have to talk to them right before your subscription is about to be renewed. I'm moving away from Lightroom. I have been trying out ACDSee and It seems to be so much faster and less buggy than Lightroom.
Rating: 15 Votes
9 months ago

What vector software is as good as Illustrator?

Try Affinity Designer. Free demo available.
Rating: 12 Votes
9 months ago

This gets to the heart of the subscriptions model, control. A lack of ownership. Eff off.

You do realize you have probably never “owned” software, right? You purchase and own a license to use software; a license that is almost always revocable by the company that sold it to you.

Subscription licensing doesn’t change the legal authority of the company to revoke the license or not.
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