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Apple in Content Talks With Owner of Fremantle, Co-Producer of American Idol and Other Reality Shows

RTL Group, the largest broadcasting and production company in Europe, has confirmed a potential content partnership with Apple.

"Discussions with new OTT platforms such as Apple are also being held," said RTL Group CEO Bert Habets, speaking on the company's earnings call today, according to Deadline. OTT is short for over-the-top media services and presumably refers to Apple's widely expected streaming video service.

RTL Group owns Fremantle, which co-produces reality series and game shows such as American Idol, America's Got Talent, The Price is Right, and Family Feud in the United States. It is unclear if any of these series would be distributed on Apple's video service or if a partnership would focus solely on original content.

Apple is expected to unveil its video platform at its March 25 event at Steve Jobs Theater. The company already has dozens of original TV shows and movies lined up for the service, including an unnamed morning show drama starring Jennifer Aniston, Reese Witherspoon, and Steve Carell.

Multiple reports indicate that Apple plans to launch the video service by April or May, with a rollout to more than 100 countries expected by the end of the year. A subscription format is expected, but pricing remains a question mark.

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5 days ago at 06:57 am
"RTL Group owns Fremantle (''), which co-produces reality series and game shows such as American Idol, America's Got Talent, The Price is Right, and Family Feud in the United States."

Reality shows::= The end of reasoned civilization as we know it.
Game shows::= Dumb and dumber.

Just my view.
Rating: 15 Votes
5 days ago at 07:43 am
Glad to see Apple has their finger on the pulse…of 2005.
Rating: 6 Votes
5 days ago at 07:55 am
The Price is Right and Apple are a tough match. :)

Seriously, I don't think game shows will be streamed. The rumored talks are probably focused on other TV contents.
Rating: 5 Votes
5 days ago at 07:04 am
Blow-away pipeline, Tim warned us.
Rating: 5 Votes
5 days ago at 08:06 am
Wow. Daytime TV. What's next, infomercials? This is going to be huge with retired people who literally have nothing better to do.
Rating: 4 Votes
5 days ago at 07:25 am

Honestly, I hope this will fail.

This MUST fail, at all costs!
Rating: 4 Votes
5 days ago at 07:53 am
Courageous content
Rating: 4 Votes
5 days ago at 07:21 am

Honestly I think this will fail. First of all because normally when Apple pushes something content related it is to help sell another existing product. Music and for the iPod. TV shows and Movies for iOS devices. The only reason they released Apple Music was to directly compete with Spotify and Groove music and they already had a good foot hold in with the Music Industry. Apple going into the Movie and TV industry makes no sense because it doesn't compliment any existing product line, unless they make it where you have to have an Apple TV to work on your TV which I think will be another point of failure. It's really just them freaking out and doing a knee jerk reaction to Hulu and Netflix and the fact they don't have the content catalog in place or a specific brand content that has a huge following, i.e. Marvel movies and TV shows.
Second Spotify and Hulu just announced the other day that if you Sign up for the 9.99 Spotify premium plan( which IMO is already a much better value then Apple music) you also get a free account to Hulu. It might be the one where you have to watch ADs but that's a really good value so why would you go with Apple? Another reason is Apple probably will only work on Apple devices where Spotify and Hulu work on any Device and for family's that have a mix of brand products its a huge win. I'm not an Apple hater and wish they would fail btw but this is one area where I just don't understand why they would even try.

I disagree with your premise. The reason Apple pushes into a new market or product is because they see an area where they can contribute something new or different by improving the current user experience in some way. They believe they can only accomplish this task by controlling as much of the experience as possible.

In the case of Apple Music, Apple was not growing and losing control over the industry because everyone was moving to streaming subscriptions and rapidly moving away from singles and album sales which used to be valuable years ago for Apple. In the case of video streaming, Apple already offered Apple TV, iTunes and partnerships with many content providers including Netflix, Disney, HBO, etc. But since all of these content providers are creating their own content and also host their own streaming services, they have taken that desired control away from Apple. Therefore, Apple's only way to best control the user experience of content consumption is to simply create it themselves while they slowly break away from the control of all of the established content providers.
Rating: 3 Votes
5 days ago at 07:15 am
The Shark was just jumped.....
Rating: 2 Votes
5 days ago at 07:09 am

....which co-produces reality series and game shows such as American Idol, America's Got Talent, The Price is Right, and Family Feud....

[Jobs just spinning in grave]
Rating: 2 Votes

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