2019 iPhones Said to Keep Lightning Connector With Same Old 5W Charger and EarPods in Box

While it was recently reported that Apple has at least considered switching to USB-C on the iPhone, Japanese blog Mac Otakara believes that 2019 models will stick with the Lightning connector as a cost-saving measure.

Based on its conversations with various accessory manufacturers, the blog also predicts that 2019 iPhones will continue to be bundled with the same old 5W power adapter, forcing customers to spend extra if they want a faster charger like the 18W USB-C version that ships with the latest iPad Pro models.

Likewise, the blog predicts that 2019 iPhones will continue to ship with a Lightning to USB-A cable and Lightning-based EarPods.

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13 months ago
Steve Jobs is rolling in his grave knowing you can’t take Apples flagship product out of the box and plug it into a brand new Mac.
Rating: 73 Votes
13 months ago
They dont care about their customers / laugh at them while taking their money

There is no other explanation for this depraved level of penny pinching
Rating: 58 Votes
13 months ago

2019 models will stick with the Lightning connector as a cost-saving measure.

Excellent! That explains how Apple has been able to keep the price of the iPhone so low!

Rating: 49 Votes
13 months ago
I'll buy a new iPhone when it has USB-C and a fast charger included.
Rating: 47 Votes
13 months ago
I hope they're expecting to sell less iPhones than they are this year lmao. Apple are just shooting themselves in the foot now. No direction, years behind on features, no parity between devices, broken keyboards, bent iPads...
Rating: 40 Votes
13 months ago
As long as the peeps are stupid enough to pay for it, why not?
Rating: 29 Votes
13 months ago
I'm not buying another iPhone until it's equipped with USB-C
Rating: 24 Votes
13 months ago
Unpopular opinion: most people are charging devices overnight, and 5W is more than sufficient for these use cases. Also, long term slower charges are better for battery health.
Rating: 20 Votes
13 months ago
If this is true, this is pathetic. I understand having the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus provided with 5W chargers next September as the boxes are already in the supply chain, but replacements for XR, XS and XS Max should move to 18W and USB-C to lightning.
The cables cost the same and the increased volume should reduce the production cost of the chargers. No excuse
Rating: 17 Votes
13 months ago

Wouldn't know. I plug my phone in at night when I go to bed and when I wake up it is fully charged.




Meanwhile tens of millions of other people have to top up during the day which is where fast-charge is the answer.
Rating: 13 Votes

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