Apple Shares New Series of How To Videos Focusing on iPad and iOS 11

Apple today uploaded several iPad Pro how to videos to its YouTube channel, focusing on new features that are coming to the iPad in iOS 11. Each video is just under a minute in length and all of the videos were made in the same style -- with two hands demonstrating new iPad functionality.

There are six how to videos in total, covering the following features: mark up with Apple Pencil, multitasking, document scanning and signing, file management, drag and drop, and the new dock.

iOS 11 brings a ton of new features to the iPad, essentially introducing a whole new user interface, so it's no surprise that Apple has designed a series of videos to show off its capabilities. Some of these features, like the ones that require Apple Pencil, are limited to the iPad Pro, but others will be available on a wider range of iPads.

Apple's new operating system update is currently available to developers and public beta testers, but should be launching to the public soon. We expect Apple to release the update in September alongside new iPhones.

For a complete overview of what's new for the iPad in iOS 11, make sure to check out our iOS 11 roundup.

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32 months ago
Apple needs a series of videos teaching how to complain on Macrumors.
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32 months ago

Apple needs a series of videos teaching how to complain on Macrumors.

First, a video on how to complain about complaining on MacRumors
Rating: 13 Votes
32 months ago
Wow, marketing the five finger pinch on iPad. If that's not a sign that the home button isn't long for this world I don't know what is.
Rating: 11 Votes
32 months ago
Here's how to sign a document on Linux:

1. Recompile your kernel
2. Install the scanner driver
3. Download a Windows driver for your scanner that will get emulated to Linux (this actually happens for WiFi)
4. Find out there's a bug with your scanner, buy a new one
5. Find a PDF program that does one thing well, but doesn't do another things well
6. Change your distro, because the package for that particular PDF software is outdated and you really don't know how to compile the source by hand
7. Finally sign the document
8. Save the document to /tmp
9. Open your mail App
10. Send the PDF in a tar.gz
11. Recipient doesn't know WTF is a .tar.gz
12. Succumb to .zip, and send it again.
Rating: 7 Votes
32 months ago
iOS is slowly becoming more and more Mac-like. I can definitely see Apple migrating both platforms together and ditching intel. Maybe we'll get much faster speeds and more tech when that happens.

My 2016 Macbook feels just marginally faster than my 2012 Macbook. 4 years of processor updates and not much to show - perhaps only a 20-25% increase in speed??
Rating: 6 Votes
32 months ago
Give me cursor support and the ability to hook up the iPad to an external monitor and I might consider ditching my MacBook. Still probably not though.
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32 months ago

If the designers had done their jobs right, it would be clear enough to do these things without having to watch instructional videos.

How do you suggest making multitasking obvious just by looking at it? As iOS matures and more and more power features are added, it's going take some direction on how the gestures work. Similar to macOS.
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32 months ago
Nice videos, not as effective as the PC replacement ads, but also not annoying.
Outdated icons and there could be more features highlighted, but I like them. Very useful since iPad will be harder to get used to after iOS 11 (not everything is obvious).
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32 months ago

I like the videos, maybe a bit childish, but common, there's nothing pro about them. I hate the example of the designer sending some of his "work" to the customer using iMessages. Is this the let's-all-play-together-and-pretend-it's-work-generation?

My work is a messy, multitasking process requiring a real tool like a mac. I tried using my iPad for work, but I quickly gave up in frustration. iOS 11 might take some of the edges off, but calling it pro is a far stretch.

And hoorray, they finally have a Files app in 2017. Rather than celebrating this, they should admit the whole vision to hide the file system was a failure. And are we still stuck with the mandatory folders for each app fiasco in iOS 11, or is that finally gone?

Work is whatever people decide it to be. I am a teacher using my iPad for work and iOS 11 looks set to supercharge my workflow even more. There are things I do on my iPad which would be an even greater hassle to carry out on my Mac.
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32 months ago

I have heard a few people mention this. I agree that they take a little bit of a learning curve, but what are you expecting? What would be an intuitive or obvious way to have proper multitasking? I think the implementation is great and works well.

It's not exactly the learning curve that concerns me - it is more the complexity of the process. Take for example the scenario where you'd like to add a second app as an overlay into the frame over the current app - if that 2nd app is not in your dock you need to go back to the home screen, find the 2nd app, hold down on that app's icon, find the app you came from, tap on that app while holding on to the 2nd app, and then let go of the 2nd app. By the time you get everything situated you have played a full game of Twister with your hands.

Then if you'd like to have a third app you'd need to know to drag the second app to the top and make it pop into the frame next to the initial app, then repeat the above process all over again - but in this case the average person would not be sure what would happen when they enter back into the initial app - will it be the split screen scenario that they had before or will the process reset and the app will be by itself again.

This is the kind of thing that looks cool in pictures/videos, but in practice is too complex to be useful - this is why I think the sales and marketing people are running the company now. They say "we need to sell more iPads so add x, y and z features" to the product people and the product people have no choice but to listen to them even if it makes no sense. Apple used to have the courage to lead the way when it came to specific product segments, which sometimes meant saying no. Now they are getting pushed around by the industry and seem more focused on numbers.
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