Apple CEO Tim Cook: 'Demand Was Stronger Towards iPhone 7 Plus Than We Expected'

Apple did not expect so many people to choose the iPhone 7 Plus over the iPhone 7, according to statements made by Apple CEO Tim Cook during today's second quarter earnings call.

"One of the things we didn't get right was the mix between the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus," said Cook. "Demand was much stronger towards the iPhone 7 Plus than we expected." Apple's misestimation of the popularity of the iPhone 7 Plus led to some shortages of the bigger-screened device during the December quarter.

Apple sold the highest number of Plus models in the first half of fiscal 2017 than ever before, higher than the iPhone 6 and 6s lineups. Cook says it took Apple a while to "bring the iPhone 7 Plus into balance," something that occurred early in the second quarter.

According to Cook, Apple learns from its mistakes. "Every time we launch something, we learn something, and we brush up our models and apply everything we learn for next time," he said.

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37 months ago
I mean when you have device specific features, dual camera, portrait mode, bigger display etc, people will want it..
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37 months ago
What then, does Tim Cook know?
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37 months ago
Could have sold a lot more iPhone 7 if it had the same features as the Plus
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37 months ago
Hey Tim, I don't think the demand was all that big for a plus-sized phone. Although, there's definitely a demand for the better camera. So when you pull an annoying move by restricting the nice camera to the plus-sized model only, then of course more people are going to buy that one.... duh. What you should be doing is making the same phone in 2 different sizes. That's what people actually want. I'd love to have the iPhone 7 Plus features in the iPhone 7 size.
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37 months ago
You'd think they'd have a market research budget second to none in order to address these sort of things.
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37 months ago
I wonder how the mix would be if they had put the same features (sans screen size) into all the iPhones. Is it the big screen that is the lure or the features not available elsewhere?
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37 months ago
If the iPhone 7 had the same features as the larger model I would have seriously went for that model and kept my iPad Air 2. If Samsung can give us a S8 and S8 Plus with the only difference being screen and battery size then Apple should do the same.
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37 months ago
Absolutely ridiculous, if not a flat out lie. The iPhone 7 PLUS is the only model with the "GOOD CAMERA." Even though many buyers of the PLUS hate it's +SIZE and +COST, they get it for the camera. I have the regular iPhone 7. The camera is OK, but I'd much rather have the camera of the PLUS inside the smaller form factor. Apple knew full well how sales would pan out because of what they deliberately did with the camera and pricing. To say what Tim Cook said about sales of the PLUS is highly misleading.

I also read in recent news that Apple is now making the Air Pods available without a huge wait time. Wow. Many months after announcing a product you finally ship it. To me, that is just as outrageous as an airline who calls in rogue cops to drag a paying customer (and medical doctor) off a plane only because the airline's computer picked him to leave due to the stupid airline's company policy of overbooking.

When companies do stupid things, we need to call them out on it, especially Apple, since all of us here are Apple fans. I may like Apple products, but I let the company know when they screw up by sending them feedback. I would encourage everyone here to follow suit. Just because Apple makes a huge amount of money does not automatically dictate all their decisions are correct. In many cases, Apple's decisions are not correct. We shouldn't let them get away with it just because we are fans of their products.

DISCLAIMER: I'm a Mac user and Apple fan since my 128k in 1984. I don't do Windoze. I have every right to boldly proclaim the facts about Apple.
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37 months ago
Was kind of common sense. Not sure how they didn't have somebody that could see that
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37 months ago
True as I didn't get mine until November. Longest I have ever had to wait for an iPhone after launch. Love it though and would never go back to the smaller size!! (That's what she said).
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