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Quanta May Begin Trial Production of Apple Watch 2 This Month

A new report out of China today points to an earlier than expected trial production of the unannounced "Apple Watch 2," expected to begin as soon as the end of January. According to Taiwanese website Commercial Times (via G for Games), the second generation of the Apple Watch will be manufactured by Quanta, which was also responsible for last year’s production of the original smartwatch.

Despite today's report of Quanta's eagerness to begin production on the Apple Watch 2, a rumor back in November suggested the company had a "weaker than expected" profit return on the original Apple Watch. As such, Apple may be searching for new suppliers of the device (in addition to keeping on Quanta to take the brunt majority of the line), including Foxconn, Wistron, and Inventec.

Although it has yet to be confirmed by Apple, rumors regarding the new Apple Watch include a thinner case, FaceTime camera, and an upgraded Wi-Fi chip for more independence from the iPhone. This week it was discovered that Apple has posted four job listings centered around health technologies, suggesting possible improvements on the first generation Apple Watch's health and fitness features.

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49 months ago

I want one if the battery lasts 48 hours of regular use.

Having used mine since launch I'm not sure this would be a big deal for me unless I were not able to get though a full day for some reason. A 48 hour battery, charging every other day, would be harder to track than just putting on the charger each night like I do now. I can see the benefit in more time from the battery but I would use the internal space for other features.
Rating: 15 Votes
49 months ago
If they're posting job listings now, it will be years before anything they come up with gets implemented into a production Apple Watch.
Rating: 12 Votes
49 months ago

All I ask is that Apple not destroy the investment I made in the Apple Watch. Release a new one, make sure the bands from the prior fit the new. keep supporting and selling the old.

Depends on the bands people are buying. $50 Sport bands, which I would wager are the most popular are effectively no more expensive than iPhone cases which may have to be replaced every upgrade anyway. If that's the reality, then Apple has no reason not to change the band lugs. And even if they did, it likely wouldn't stop them.

Unless the watch is very large, that quickly starts to be a very cluttered. And you introduce overlapping elements. All for the sake of wanting your smartwatch to look like a mechanical watch.
As I said, these compromises are the very definition of form over function.
A round watch adds nothing to the function of the watch and only serves to have the shape conform to preconceived notions of what a 'watch' should look like.
I do agree that there is a demand for round smartwatches, I just feel that it is objectively misguided.

The solution is simple. Don't introduce so many elements as to make it cluttered. People can make that choice now with traditional watches, square or round. Jony Ive is on record as saying the watch is best used for quick glances ... the more information on a display, no matter how organized, is going to turn into much more than a glance. For people who don't want a computer terminal on their wrist, the shape of the watch does not matter.

The word "Objective" is misused here, because while most would not argue that text is best displayed in a rectangle, whether or not a watch is the best designed to display text is hardly objective. OI'd say the deciding factor is subjective totally based on how any individual uses the "watch".

Why do you all want GPS in a watch that only works with an iPhone (with its own GPS)?

I don't use my Watch with an iPhone now. I only use it for activities during which I need to know the time, and it would otherwise be inconvenient to carry my wallet, or phone. And it works out just fine. I surf in it, and wearing nothing more than board shorts or a wetsuit, I can stop by my local coffee shop, pay for food, check my messages, and eventually when ATT turns it on, make and receive phone calls -- all without my iPhone. Adding GPS would make it far more useful to me in terms of using maps to navigate my way around in such situations, like when I'm in surfing at breaks I don't know.

Honestly, don't bother.
You cannot explain to some people this.
They can only see things in a negative way.

You give them a 4:3 tablet, then you add extra to the left and right sides of the tablet to make it, 16:10 lets say, and they cannot grasp that you have added more. They can only see it in a negative way, that it's now a shorter screen than 4:3

Perhaps this will help:

Rating: 10 Votes
49 months ago
I want one if the battery lasts 48 hours of regular use.
Rating: 9 Votes
49 months ago

Having two different shaped watches would be too confusing to buyers.

I think most people would be able to tell the difference. :)
Rating: 8 Votes
49 months ago
can't imagine using FaceTime via WiFi on the watch, the battery would die in 15 mins.
Rating: 8 Votes
49 months ago

You do know that text doesn't fit easily in the circle (without losing a lot of space).

A few people keep bringing this up as if it mattered on a smartwatch meant for glances.

If reading text was most important, then everyone should follow Samsung's lead and make a huge wrist-wrapping screen like this:

Rating: 7 Votes
49 months ago

can't imagine using FaceTime via WiFi on the watch, the battery would die in 15 mins.

Not to mention the ergonomics of talking at a camera on your wrist would be complete shaky crap.
Rating: 7 Votes
49 months ago
People like me want a watch that is great for monitoring activity. The Apple watch is ok but without a GPS it will never be good for sporty types. I think the smart watch space is going to be heavily influenced by the solutions competitors bring to the table.

For example: I recently bought a Forerunner 235, about 60% the cost of an Apple Watch. It has an:

activity tracker, tick,
GPS, tick,
all notifications (email, text, calendar, phone, photo stream etc), tick,
heart rate monitor, tick,
Apps, tick.
7 day battery life! SEVEN yes Seven

I think Apple has done well with their watch despite it being one of the first devices that was marketed as a fashion accessory rather than a technology solution.

If they can find their way back to their home turf, technology, I am confident that they could develop a version of the watch that meets my selfish, sporty needs. In the meantime, thanks Garmin.
Rating: 5 Votes
49 months ago
For me there's still a lag between the watch and the iphone. If they could do something to accelerate the transfer of data between the 2 devices that would be a big step forward.
Rating: 5 Votes

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