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Some iPhone 6s Owners Seeing Their Phones Randomly Shut Off

Since the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus have been available on September 25, many users have begun reporting that their 6s or 6s Plus will randomly turn itself off completely, even when it's left unattended and with sufficient battery power. It's unknown what causes the shut off, but some users have also reported their home button feels warm to the touch when trying to revive their phones.

Users on Reddit, the Apple support communities and the MacRumors forums have experienced the issue. While 6s and 6s Plus users have seen the majority of incidents, some iPhone 6 users have also reported the issue, indicating that iOS 9 may the root of the problem.

After the issue turns off the phone, the only way to turn the phone back on is to hold the power and home button down for 10 seconds, forcing the phone to restart. MacRumors' forum users have been organizing around the issue, creating a poll to see how many people are affected and gathering data (model number, OS and actions before shut down) to send to Apple's engineering team.

Thus far, the data collected indicates that no specific action causes the shutdown. Additionally, iPhone 6s users and iOS 9.0.1 users appear to be the most affected by the bug.

Users experiencing the issue can contribute to the data pool in this MacRumors' forum thread.

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44 months ago
Turn-Off Gate
Rating: 43 Votes
44 months ago

My iPhone kept randomly shutting off when I installed iOS9 On the first day, Everyone kept saying it was my device!

Cue Jony...

"By randomly shutting off iPhone, we have been able to reduce battery consumption by nearly 10%."
Rating: 39 Votes
44 months ago
iOS 9 is junk. I'm waiting for iOS [current version + 1].
Rating: 25 Votes
44 months ago
Probably restored from backup. Leave your old junk from that 3GS behind.
Rating: 20 Votes
44 months ago

Cue Android trolls in 3... 2... 1...

What the hell do we need Android trolls for??
Apple is doing a fine job shoving their head up there own ass all by themselves.
This is just getting embarrassing. Pathetic.
Rating: 19 Votes
44 months ago
Cue Android trolls in 3... 2... 1...
Rating: 13 Votes
44 months ago
A shut down iPhone which isn't restartable by pressing the power button has not been shut down, it's crashed.
Rating: 12 Votes
44 months ago
It's times like this that make me wonder how Apple can get away with preventing us from reverting to earlier versions of iOS.

When I bought my iPhone 5s, it shipped with iOS 7. I updated my phone to iOS 9, which I feel has made the phone slower. What purpose does it serve for Apple to prevent me from reinstalling iOS 7 so the phone is just the same as how it was when I bought it?

Apple doesn't do this with OSX on Macs. I can reinstall OSX Lion on my MacBook Air 2011 any time I feel like it. Why is iOS treated differently?
Rating: 11 Votes
44 months ago

This is a natural feature of every smartphone. If you're doing something extremely taxxing on the processor, it may shut off because of overheating. Perfectly normal.

Rubbish. If you had read the article, or any of the forums attached to the links provided, you'd quickly understand that many or most people experiencing this problem weren't doing anything with their iPhone. It. Simply. Shutdown.
Rating: 9 Votes
44 months ago
Not sure if Apple is having more issues or if it's the matter of every single thing that happens gets reported on.
Rating: 8 Votes

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